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Manufactory power cables

Manufactory power cables

Sohoo Technology is the world's leading provider of reliable and versatile Computer chassis and Power supply design and manufacturing for PC system partners, with a total solution design platform. Provide a more comprehensive and flexible OEM. ODM design and a variety of Co-Working platforms. We currently is with more than 50, Sq.

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Unread PMs. Essentials Only Full Version. New Member. A few months ago my computer shut down randomly and wouldn't power on. I originally thought it may be the PSU dying. I thought you could do that with modular power supplies Take one out, swap another in.

I didn't think there was a difference between one SATA power cable to the next. Why would there be??? These SATA power cables are identically labeled. Why on Earth would two PSUs under the same manufacturer have such a reckless and dangerous design discrepancy like this?

I took the damaged drives to a data recovery specialist, and only one of the 4 drives could be recovered. So I lost a ton of project files and exports one of those unrecoverable drives was acting as a backup to the others.

I'm also a YouTuber, and I made this video about my experience. So what do you think? Have you heard of this before? Thanks for your insights, everyone. Re: Modular Power Supply fried my drives Evga doesnt make power supplies. Their stickers may be on the external parts and they may cover the warranty, but other companies, like seasonic and superflower, make the power supply to evga specs, and then stick an evga sticker on their product so evga can sell it.

You should never use the cables from one psu on another. Yes, the cables may have different pins, but folks should also realize that there could have been a bad cable that caused the failures in the beginning. Best practice is new cables with the new psu. Keep the same parts together for the best possible outcome. How did i verify it was the cable? I replaced just the cable and the problem went away.

I put the cable back on with a known working SSD, and it immediately dies. There probably isnt warning all over the package because most people would look into this or ask ahead. FTW Member. I think you are out of luck, you chose to use the old cables. If I thought there was a power issue, I would have used the new cables as the old cables could have been compromised by a possible faulty power supply. Keep in mind these Sata cables are in fact different. Sure, the cables look similar but they may be slightly different that you cannot notice by eye.

We always recommend using the cables that come with the specific model to rule out issues like these. All different models are rated in different ways and the cables are specifically designed to meet the needs of that model. Have a moment? Please Rate Our Service. Sorry to hear, but that's what can happen when you use cables from another PSU..

The pinouts on the PSU can be different even though the cables fit.. It's happened to others before, so don't feel like the Lone Ranger. OK, I agree with you all. But isn't the bigger issue here the fact that this can happen at all??? And if it can't be standardized, then the cable should be redesigned so that it doesn't fit so conveniently into multiple modular power supplies that may or may not cause immense damage to the computer. I guess I'm just novice enough to fall into these types of traps, but the trap feels quite unnecessary.

Using incorrect cables runs the risk of catastrophic failure. In 2 years, if you cant find your manual, pick up your phone and call EVGA. A few minutes on the phone will save hard drives and time.

The support techs are usually pretty nice. Mistakes were made. Its too late to fox the past, but you know in the future that there is a written manual, and online manual, a forum, and a whole website that can tell you not to make the same mistake. All of our manuals are easily accessible under Service at the top of this very page. Once again, we apologize you lost data but this information is always available and the person up above stated a simple call to us would have avoided this very situation.

This is pretty much standard across all power supply makers. Other cables might not be compatible and could cause serious damage to your system and power supply. You're missing my point. I still have the manual, I made a mistake, and I care about my lost data, but that's not what I'm arguing for here.

I'm arguing for the next guy who's about to do the same thing. Bob already said earlier in the thread that it's happened to others as well. A simple search on Reddit would support that, too.

So instead of defending your current documentation and process like it's written in stone, would you be open to considering my argument that this mistake was all too easy to make? Don't products improve when customers have a chance for input?

Maybe if enough people made a noise, we could change things. It appears I need to escalate this to someone who would actually consider what I'm saying instead of just saying, "That's how it's always been around here. Do you drive a car? Have you ever bought a new car after owning an old one? Do you check the manual to see what kind of oil car takes, or do you just the same stuff as the old car and dump it in without checking? Mistakes are easy to make when people are too busy to read the documentation.

People need to stop trying to blame others after the didnt read the plain writing that is right in front of them. What if all oil containers looked identical with no indication of their contents? They dont, just like these dont.

There is indications on these in the form of part numbers. Just like oil. Again, you are trying to place blame somewhere else. Read the instructions and dont mix parts. OK, it boils down to this I learned my lesson. Let's stop talking about me now. Why I'm here is to be a voice for the people who will make the same mistake in the future.

I believe there really has to be one more layer of safeguarding here. And I guess that's all falling on deaf ears so I'm going to leave this thread alone now.

Usually in capitalized print just like that. Let's take a step back here for a second. Most relevant in this case, of course, is that the SATA power pinout is different between the two sets of power supplies. The issue here, and I'm being fair, is that an assumption was made about how power supplies and modular cables work together and, unfortunately, it turns out that the assumption was wrong.

I could point out, as others have, that the OP could have contacted Customer Service, read the manual more closely, or done any other number of things that would have suggested some degree of caution for using modular cables on a different model power supply, but I won't belabor the point.

The OP owned up that a mistake was made, and we are all aware of what happened now. However, we have all made similar mistakes in the past due to a wrong assumption except for maybe 3 or 4 people , so it's painful, but we can all relate to an extent. One thing to keep in mind is that the GQ power supplies have been around for quite some time. There probably won't be many changes left, if any, for that series before its time is done.

The present invention relates to a power cord having an insertion plug at one end of a cord, and its manufacturing method. In a conventional power cord, for example, blades are connected to a plurality of conductors projected exposed from the leading end of cord, and the base side of blades and leading end side of cord are covered with vinyl chloride, and a plug is formed.

Scrap Cable Recycling Machine is mainly used to recycle all kinds of waste cable wires, the raw materials will be separated into tiny copper rice and PVC, the applicable range of the wires diameter from 0. This manifold block is ideal for applications where it is important to bring high currents possible without voltage drops from the battery to the consumer. Clean and full of sound, optimal for Car-Hifi systems high performance! Get Price Car Crushing Machine. Car Battery Recycling Plant. Power Supply 3.


The whole style such as LOGO or indoor layout was simple as well as fashionable. Highly qualified products, excellent product design, satisfactory user experience promise Baseus brand terminal stores popularity among a plenty of users. In November , Baseus has covered more than countries and regions around the world through global physical stores, and the number of global flagship stores has reached more than stores. In the future, the number will continue to expand, by , it is expected to reach more than stores.

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Vipw Manufacturer. Then, from the Select Manufacturer drop-down list, choose Custom at the very bottom of the list.

Website: www. E-mail:epjinjiang gmail. It is also the first Chinese pilot Feng ru's hometown. Enping city is well known by microphone product and relative industry. Enping Wanlihui factory covers over 2, square meters. We have approximately workers, including 28 technicians. We are one of the leading factories of producing high grade low voltage cables, especially in microphone cables. They have special constructions with our patented design, copper and tinsel wire. Having this special design, the conductors and shielding meshes can bear mechanical wear over , times! It can avoid the damage of pulling, tugging, knotting.

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Europacable represents the largest cable makers in the world, as well as highly specialized small- and medium sized businesses from across Europe. All Europacable members are signatories of the Europacable Industry Charter. Founded in , Europacable is the voice of all leading European wire and cable producers. Europacable members include the largest cable makers in the world providing global technology leadership, as well as highly specialized small- and medium sized businesses from across Europe.

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Manufacturer producer - power cord. Refine your search Locate the companies on a map. You will be delighted by our quality products and how fast and easy it is to Contact this company. Yuyao Yingjia Electric Appliances Co. Supplier of: power cord Power receptors power plug. Supplier of: power cord computer power cord Electric cables. Supplier of: power cord Electrical components and parts power cables. Supplier of: power cord Electric cables power cable.

PSP Power Tuner Schematics I details for FCC ID P made by Hip Hing Cable & Plug Manufactory Limited. Document Includes Schematics Protel.

Into the Mine On Time is more than just a slogan at Line Power

Industrial Tests, Inc. We perform Power Cable Testing for industrial plants, large commercial facilities and municipal power stations. The purpose for power cable testing is to ensure that power cable insulation is intact and operating efficiently. Cables are tested for durability, reaction to high voltage, and detection of partial discharges. ITI provides power cable testing for medium and high voltage AC cables that range upwards to kilovolts. Cables also require maintenance and restoration as they age.

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Cable manufacturing process in Demirer Kablo includes wire drawing, stranding, insulating, degassing, screening, lead sheathing if required, outer sheathing and testing. Wire drawing is the thinning process of copper and aluminium wires.

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HFCL is a trusted end to end telecom infrastructure provider, offering its solutions to various telecom operators, ISPs, Government organizations, infrastructure companies and big public utility organizations. The Company manufactures high quality OFC which form the backbone of telecommunication networks used in critical applications. The Company exports its cables to 27 countries across five continents and the spread is growing.

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