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Manufacturing manufacture spare parts for food

All our parts are manufactured from high quality materials and give optimal performance in all our equipment. Many of our solutions use custom components, making Marel your first choice in providing the right part for the right application. Marel offers flexible packages to allow you to select the best option for your business, whether buying a full range of common use replacements tailored to your equipment on site, spare parts kits to allow you to carry out planned maintenance of individual items, or individual parts as and when required. By being prepared and using approved spare parts, you can help to minimize production stops and maximize your productivity. Replacement parts can be purchased in advance and located on site for internal or Marel engineer use. Marel provides global Service with a local reach.

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Spare parts

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Featuring some of the most advanced additive technologies available, machines from Arcam EBM and Concept Laser enable customers to grow products quickly and precisely.

Find information on the different materials that can be used with GE Additive's additive manufacturing machines. AddWorks from GE Additive helps your organization successfully navigate its additive journey through engineering consulting services. AddWorks embeds our experts with your team, learning what your products do now and what you need them to become. Whether you are new to additive manufacturing or need help printing on a new technology - we can help you with your printed parts.

Find everything you should know about additive manufacturing and the technologies used to build 3D objects using layers of material. GE can put your fears to rest by confidently walking alongside you as your partner, helping to develop the industrialization of your additive machines. The medical industry is one of the pioneers of additive manufacturing. Our technology has been used for over a decade in volume production to manufacture implants, while at the same time it is broadly used for small batch sizes such as for as patient specific medical implants.

Additive manufacturing has allowed this industry to increase patients quality of life around the world. Aviation and aerospace are two of the pioneering sectors for additive manufacturing. These sectors are characterized by small batch sizes and manufacturer-specific adaptations. At the same time, these products are renowned for having very long life cycles and extremely high safety requirements.

When it comes to pilot-series development and small-scale manufacturing, additive manufactured components are now an integral part of international automotive production. Additive manufacturing allows to manufacture complex, customized, precise frameworks and tension free dental prostheses for improved fit in the mouth.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news from GE Additive with our press releases and information on our appearances at events. Find information on GE Additive's past and upcoming events in the additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing industry.

Learn more about GE Additive, including information on our history, leadership team, and how we have come together with Arcam and Concept Laser. At GE Additive, we continue to work every day to bring the transformative power of advanced manufacturing to businesses around the globe. Through our own extensive experience incorporating additive technologies into our production process, we recognize the value and possibilities it brings to modern design and manufacturing challenges.

Visit our job portal and discover all our open positions. Together we unlock the potential of additive manufacturing. As a world-leading manufacturer, GE Additive works closely with our suppliers to deliver on commitments to customers.

Users of 3D metal printing are increasingly discovering the new possibilities and freedoms offered by Additive Manufacturing. Occasionally, manufacturing and logistics concepts are completely reconfigured. The processor of stainless steel boasts material know-how, state-of-the-art CNC machines and provides support with expert advice.

The service it offers includes efficient production planning and consistent quality assurance in order and subassembly production. It caters for an array of sectors ranging from the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering, plant engineering, aviation through to the fossil fuels extraction industry. One specialty is the production of spare parts made of stainless steel for beverage filling plants.

This know-how has been transferred to numerous sectors over the course of 40 years. The traditional methods of machining have now been expanded to include additive manufacturing using the metal laser melting process.

In production there is an M2 cusing Multilaser machine from Concept Laser. The parts or assemblies that we produce are conventionally machined, manufactured in hybrid fashion or completely additively. The customer receives a precision end product from one single source providing a full service. Far too expensive.

So we first had some persuading to do. The idea of the Additive Manufacturing of spare parts for beverage filling plants caught on. A filling plant in the beverage industry should be renowned for its high availability. What is often important is the flexibility of the filling plant because different sizes of bottles or cans need to be filled.

Filling plants need to perform the following tasks: supplying bottles or cans, filling them, sealing them and ultimately transferring them to the post-processing stations. Food law dictates that cleanliness and hygiene are the most important requirements. This is why stainless steel is one of the preferred materials used in the industry. Production rates of 40, — 80, bottles or cans per hour are not unusual. If a plant is shut down, its profitability quickly diminishes.

Finding the fault, requesting a spare part, shipping and installing it — in a worst case scenario this can take a few days and result in delays to deliveries to the trade.

The filling company must then find some way of switching to other filling lines and then first adapt them to handle the particular bottles or cans. These are stressful situations for a production manager, and he and his team are of course keen to avoid them. Additively manufactured stainless steel parts can be printed as required and also have their design optimized. Most customers were initially disbelieving because we were presenting such a revolutionary idea.

Thomas Lehmann also cites the example of a can filler valve for beverage filling plants. Thomas Lehmann, who engaged with the laser melting of stainless steel in collaboration with the technology pioneer Concept Laser at a very early stage, was clear: An additive solution can mean great freedom of geometry, coupled with a CAD design that suits the process.

In addition, parts or entire assemblies can be created as a one-shot design. A new 3D design and rapid availability saves the customer time and money. The production of spare parts for beverage filling plants is one of the specialties of the company from the German town of Pinneberg. Many of these spare parts are not standard components, but rather customer-specific solutions.

If it is manufactured by conventional means, the assembly consists of seven components made of stainless steel 1. The stainless steel parts had to be initially milled or turned with precision machining on CNC machines and then fitted manually.

The assembly was then placed into storage so that — in the event of a failure — a quick response was possible and the filling plant could be back up and running again. This means there is no longer any need for the seals and interfaces that are otherwise an inevitable consequence of the joining process.

The fact that no assembly work is required is not only cheaper, but also saves time for our customers. Manufacturing of the part by conventional means takes around 8 — 10 weeks including the procurement of the required precision cast part, whereas the Additive Manufacturing takes around one week. In principle, this means we can manufacture spare parts on demand and then deliver them on time when the demand suddenly arises. The benefits that arise with such a precision part are extremely interesting for both us as the manufacturer and for our customers if the desire is to keep overhaul times or machine downtimes as short as possible.

Nevertheless, the development of the assembly was a minor feat of endurance. This is why the can filler valve was subjected to intensive load tests.

In addition, there were also topology optimizations and modifications to the design as well as investigations into the amount of reworking and the release of tension from the parts. The development reveals new option paths which can be explored in a targeted way. But it is also usually capable of doing more, and this is very easy to factor into the price because what matters is what effects actually result overall in terms of time and money. Hybrid approaches to manufacturing are also relevant.

For example, simple geometric areas can be machined in a conventional way while complex geometric areas of a part can be additively manufactured. Another important point is the high reproducibility. Once process parameters have been found, they guarantee a consistent level of quality including the documentation that is also supplied. Talking to the customer reveals possible solutions which, adapted to the process, result in new solutions which can deliver more than the previous parts.

The crucial factor when it comes to costs is ultimately what the part is capable of and how quickly it is available. Additive manufacturing currently takes place on an M2 cusing Multilaser machine with 2 x W laser sources from Concept Laser.

There are plans to expand the production capacity because there is such great demand. I am thrilled that many of our customers are recognizing the benefits of additive parts. But I am just as delighted that we in house are able to familiarize our own employees and in particular the apprentices with the new technology.

As a medium-sized enterprise, gaining more expertise is always a vital argument when talking to customers. This will enable the company to adopt a completely new approach in supplying spare parts rapidly to its customers. A laser scanner is the next logical step toward full digitization of the process chain. It does of course also have the appeal that we detach ourselves a little from the element of time and space in the supply of spare parts.

Machines Featuring some of the most advanced additive technologies available, machines from Arcam EBM and Concept Laser enable customers to grow products quickly and precisely. View additive manufacturing machines. Powders Find information on the different materials that can be used with GE Additive's additive manufacturing machines. View AddWorks. Manufacturing Partners View Print Services. Information Find everything you should know about additive manufacturing and the technologies used to build 3D objects using layers of material.

Additive manufacturing processes What materials are used in additive manufacturing? View additive manufacturing information. View our customer's journey. View Customer Experience Center Munich. View course catalog. Medical Aerospace Automotive Dental. Medical The medical industry is one of the pioneers of additive manufacturing. Orthopedic industry View industry. Aerospace Aviation and aerospace are two of the pioneering sectors for additive manufacturing.

Aviation industry View industry. Automotive When it comes to pilot-series development and small-scale manufacturing, additive manufactured components are now an integral part of international automotive production.

OES spare parts for a variety of premium and volume automotive brands. Product lines from numerous, international Tier 1 auto industry suppliers and full product lines of Original Equipment spare parts from all world-leading car makers. We have several hundred million references and the resources to ensure you get the best possible price and service.

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Food and Beverage

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Food and Beverage

Backed by our experience and the business relations we have established with leading enterprises worldwide, we provide leading-edge solutions and services based on in-depth knowledge of the ceramic and food sectors. Our local agents help our customers identify and obtain the most suitable solution to their needs. We provide after-sales support and repair services throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Mechanical assembly is carried out on complex or additional parts to develop the finished product. Our local technicians are always available to provide after-sales technical consultations and advice. Spare parts, equipment and accessories for the ceramic and food industries. Pre-sales consulting.

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Your reliable partner for equipment, spares and logistics for more than 40 years. We supply the complete range of industrial equipment of manufacturers from Europe and all over the world. We are constantly gaining experiece and know how in new fields of business to expand our current focus industries. We provide our clients with high quality equipment and spare parts and we take pride in our quick and affordable delivery and customs clearance. A small selection of the wide range of products we are able to offer to you. Coming soon: A close look at our partners, their products and why they are world leaders in their field of business. Your reliable partner for industrial equipment, spare parts and logistics.

Spare and wear parts

A spare part can be considered as Genuine when it is specifically designed for the reference finished product. Before being introduced in the catalogue, the Genuine spare parts are subject to a careful check of the Evoca Quality System in any stage of the manufacturing process and are validated only if compliant with the OE Original Equipment standard. Please remember, the Genuine spare parts can be supplied only by Evoca and the Official Evoca Distribution Network, beware of uncertified dealers. The Original spare parts from external sources is integrated in the manufacturing and assembly process and follows the same validation procedure of a Genuine spare part.

Quality levels are discussed and agreed upon upfront. As a trusted partner with clear processes, we deliver on our promises. Our extensive and in-depth knowledge of both Stork-original as well as third-party equipment, also allows us to re-engineer and manufacture critical spare parts with the shortest lead time possible and thereby keep your assets running.

Only original parts can replace Franz Haas, Meincke and Mondomix parts. Our precision-manufactured spare parts maintain the value of your machinery. Our spare and wear parts extend the lifecycle of your machines and ensure that your product warranty remains valid. We provide you with customized spare and wear part solutions, from single spare parts through material stream agreements to local consignment stock. Gupfenstrasse 5 Uzwil Switzerland. By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies. Find out further information about what cookies we use and how to manage them. Solutions for industries Food and Feed Advanced Materials. Food and Feed Solutions Food and Feed. Advanced Materials.

blender spare parts manufacturer/supplier, China blender spare parts manufacturer Electric Automatic Planetary Mixer 20L Multifunctional Food Mixer.

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Food Protection and Security: Preventing and Mitigating Intentional and Unintentional Contamination of Food and Beverage presents the latest information on our need to protect our food supply from accidental contamination, economically motivated adulteration, and contamination with intent to harm bioterrorism or agro-terrorism. This book covers all three branches of food protection, providing a comprehensive overview of the methods and strategy involved. Part one covers the need for food protection, looking at potential hazards in the production, processing, and supply chain. Part two looks at detection methods for contaminants in food, with the final section addressing food contamination incidents and prevention and response strategies. His research focuses on risk and vulnerability assessment and modeling in the food and agriculture sector. Account Options Anmelden. Meine Mediathek Hilfe Erweiterte Buchsuche. Access Online via Elsevier Amazon.

This is why long-term availability of spare parts is so important in mechanical engineering

In the event of a breakdown, you need spare parts fast. That is why we run stock centers worldwide, so you can get quick access to spare and wear parts wherever you are. Our machines are high-tech and high-performance. That is why we have carefully chosen parts, which align and work well together. We manufacture our spare parts to the same high quality as the part you need to replace originally installed in our machines. Gupfenstrasse 5 Uzwil Switzerland. By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies.

blender spare parts manufacturers & suppliers

Let us take the example of a juice producer: The task of a machine or plant is relatively simple in this case: to squeeze as much juice as possible out of the fruit for countless production hours. After all, the investment must be redeemed. However, although the machines and plants are well designed nowadays, even the most sophisticated state-of-the-art product may wear out and fail. Nothing else is more unpleasant for a food producer than a plant standstill.

Ice cream spare parts

Wood handling. Pulp drying.

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Featuring some of the most advanced additive technologies available, machines from Arcam EBM and Concept Laser enable customers to grow products quickly and precisely. Find information on the different materials that can be used with GE Additive's additive manufacturing machines.

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