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Units storage various cosmetics and hygiene products

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U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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To protect consumers from unsafe or deceptively labeled or packaged products by prohibiting the movement in interstate commerce of adulterated or misbranded food, drugs, devices, and cosmetics. To ensure that packages and their labels provide consumers with accurate information about the quantity of contents and facilitate value comparisons.

Labeling may be considered misleading not only because a label statement is deceptive but also because a material fact is not revealed on a label. A fact may be material in light of a statement made on a label or because certain consequences may result from the recommended use of a product. A cosmetic is a product, except soap, intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance.

In short, one may say that a cosmetic is a product intended to exert a physical, and not a physiological, effect on the human body. In section If cosmetic claims, e. Synthetic detergent bars are also considered cosmetics, although they may be labeled as "soap. Senate Report No. Courts of Appeals Decisions. According to Senate Report No. The courts, in deciding whether a product is a "cosmetic", a "drug", or both a "drug" and a "cosmetic", have relied principally on the consumer's perception of the meaning of a label statement and less so on the interpretation of the meaning of a label statement by the labeler or a regulatory agency.

A cosmetic is also a drug when it is intended to cleanse, beautify or promote attractiveness as well as treat or prevent disease or otherwise affect the structure or any function of the human body. A product customarily distributed for retail sale for use by consumers or for the performance of services at home and usually consumed during such use. A container or wrapping, other than a shipping container or wrapping, in which a consumer commodity is delivered or displayed to retail purchasers.

The term package is defined in the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act [sec. Essentially, the "package" is the outer container of a product as, for example, a box or folding carton.

However, the "package" can also be the immediate container, e. One may say that the term "label" applies in the first instance to the information appearing directly on the immediate container and in the second instance to information attached to the immediate container and directly on or attached to the outer container if so packaged.

All labels and other written, printed or graphic material on or accompanying a product in interstate commerce or held for sale. This includes labels, inserts, risers, display packs, leaflets, promotional literature or any other written or printed information distributed with a product.

The part of a label that the consumer sees or examines when displayed for retail sale. A label may consist of more than one panel. It may consist of a front panel, side panels and a back panel. Back and side panels are generally called information panels. The "principal display panel" is that part of a panel that is most likely to be shown or examined under customary conditions of display for retail sale. Usually, it is the front panel of the label of the outer package.

As mentioned before, the PDP is that part of the label that is most likely to be shown or examined under customary conditions for retail sale. Regulations [21 CFR For the purpose of assuring uniform type size for declaring a product's net quantity of contents, the size of the surface area bearing the PDP, and not the size of the PDP itself, is the determining factor.

The area of the PDP is for a:. The PDP of a "boudoir-type" or decorative cosmetic container, e. It may also be the display panel of a card to which the immediate container is affixed [21 CFR Any other required information. The information above must appear on the label of the outer container which usually is a box, folding carton, wrapper etc.

The immediate container holding the cosmetic product also is the outer container if it is not displayed in a box, folding carton etc. The information above must appear on the label of the inner immediate container holding the cosmetic product. The inner container is packaged and displayed in a non-transparent box, folding carton etc. If the outer container is removed and the product displayed for sale without it, the label of the immediate container becomes a label of an outer container.

Panel display: The required information must be on a panel which is presented or displayed under customary conditions of purchase. This eliminates placement of required information on a bottom panel of a cosmetic unless it is very small and customarily picked up by hand where inspected for possible purchase.

Panel Size: The label must be large enough to provide sufficient space for prominent display of the required information. Style and Size of Letters: The type must be of such size, and at least of the required minimum size, and of such style that the required label statements are easily readable.

Background Contrast: The contrast must be sufficient to make the required label statements conspicuous and easily readable.

Obscuring Designs, Vignettes: The required statements must not be obscured by vignettes or other designs or by crowding with other printed or graphic matter.

English Language Statements: All label or labeling statements required by law or regulation must be in the English language. Products distributed solely in Puerto Rico or a Territory where the predominant language is one other than English, may state the required label information in the predominant language in place of English. Foreign Language Statements: If the label contains any foreign language representation, all statements required by regulation must also appear on the label in the foreign language.

If labeling bears foreign language representations, the required statements must appear on the label or other labeling as required in English. If the container is mounted on a display card, the display panel determines the letter height [21 CFR Letter Height: The lower case letter "o" or equivalent when upper and lower case letters are used [21 CFR The identity of the commodity may be expressed in terms of the common or usual name of the cosmetic, a descriptive name, or when the nature of the cosmetic is obvious, a fanciful name.

It may also be expressed in form of an illustration. The identity statement must be in bold type and in a size reasonably related to the most prominent printed matter, which is usually the name of the cosmetic.

It must be in lines generally parallel to the base on which the product rests when displayed at retail. Corporate name Manufactured for Distributed by Address Principal place of business.

The name and business address appearing on the label may be those of the manufacturer, packer or distributor. If the name and address is not that of the manufacturer, the name must be preceded by phrases such as "Manufactured for The name of the firm must be the corporate name, and the address may be that of the principal place of business.

Stating also the name of a corporation's particular division is optional. The business address must include the street address, name of the city and state, and the ZIP code. The street address may be omitted if the firm is listed in a current city or telephone directory. The Tariff Act of requires that imported products state on the label the English Name of the country of origin.

The bottom location requirement is waived for PDPs of 5 square inches or less. Prominence : The declaration must be a distinct item, separated from other printed matter by a space equal to at least the height of the lettering used in the declaration and twice the width of the letter "N".

Conspicuousness : The print must be easily legible bold face type in distinct contract to background and other matter on the package. The letter height must be at least that of the lower case letter "o", and the aspect ratio of height to width must not exceed When a cosmetic is required to bear net quantity of contents declarations on the inner and outer container, the declaration on the outer container must appear on the PDP; on the inner container, it may appear on an information panel other than the panel bearing the name of the product, i.

Dual Form of Declaration Net Wt. Accuracy: The net quantity of contents net contents declaration must accurately reveal the quantity of cosmetic in the container in terms of weight, volume, measure, numerical count, or combinations of count and weight, volume or measure. Reasonable variations due to loss or gain of moisture, or deviations in good manufacturing practice, are acceptable. In case of an aerosol product, the net contents statement must express the net quantity of contents expelled.

Product Consistency: Unless there is a firmly established, general consumer usage or trade custom to the contrary, the statement must be in terms of fluid measure if the cosmetic is liquid and in terms of weight if the cosmetic is solid, semi-solid, viscous, or a mixture of solid and liquid.

The customary net contents declaration for aerosol products is in terms of weight. Systems: Weight is expressed in terms of avoirdupois pound and ounce. Fluid measures are expressed in terms of the U. Net contents may additionally be stated also in the metric system. Unit Terms: The term "net weight" or "net wt.

Additional abbreviations are for: weight - wt. In case of a weight ounce statement, the term "oz. A fluid ounce is expressed as "fl. Dual Declaration: If the net weight exceeds one pound but is less than 4 pounds, the net contents statement must reveal the total number of ounces followed, in parenthesis, by the number of pounds and ounces or by the number of pounds and fraction thereof.

Fluid measures exceeding one pint, but being less than one gallon, must be expressed in terms of the total number of fluid ounces followed, in parenthesis, by the number of quarts, pints and ounces or by the fractions of the quart or pint. However, these statements must not be deceptive or exaggerate the amount present in the package. Six Applications: Declarations by numerical count or linear or area measure may be augmented by statements of weight or size of individual units or total weight or measure to give accurate information.

These are not regarded as separate statements and must appear on the PDP. Cosmetic Kit: If a package contains the integral components making up a kit and delivers the components in the manner of an application as, for example, a home permanent wave kit, the net contents declaration may be stated in terms of the number of applications as per given instructions [21 CFR Regulations require that "[the label of a cosmetic product shall bear a warning statement whenever necessary or appropriate to prevent a health hazard that may be associated with the product" [21 CFR 1 ].

A cosmetic not bearing a necessary warning statement may be considered misbranded under sec. Prominence : A warning statement must appear on the label prominently and conspicuously as compared to other words, statements or designs so that it is likely to be read by ordinary consumers at the time of purchase and use.

A cosmetic is considered misbranded if its safety has not adequately been substantiated, and it does not bear the following conspicuous statement on the PDP:. The safety of a cosmetic may be considered adequately substantiated if experts qualified by scientific training and experience can reasonably conclude from the available toxicological and other test data, chemical composition, and other pertinent information that the product is not injurious to consumers under conditions of customary use and reasonably foreseeable conditions of misuse.

Performance of additional toxicological and other testing appropriate in the light of the existing data. Even if the safety of each ingredient has been substantiated, there usually still is at least some toxicological testing needed with the formulated product to assure adequate safety substantiation.

Warning --Avoid spraying in eyes.

To protect consumers from unsafe or deceptively labeled or packaged products by prohibiting the movement in interstate commerce of adulterated or misbranded food, drugs, devices, and cosmetics. To ensure that packages and their labels provide consumers with accurate information about the quantity of contents and facilitate value comparisons. Labeling may be considered misleading not only because a label statement is deceptive but also because a material fact is not revealed on a label.

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Nov 16, - This publication is a joint effort of two business units within the International Trade that by all cosmetics products will have to be labeled as Halal. Whereas A local personal care chain store prefers to stock Japanese.

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