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Manufacturing fabrication percussion instruments

Manufacturing fabrication percussion instruments

The xylophone is a component of the percussion section of an orchestra and many instrumental groups. Its unique sound, relative rarity, and appearance make it fascinating to the listener. The xylophone has a close cousin called the marimba. Both instruments consist of wooden keys mounted on a wooden frame over a series of metal tubes called resonators.

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US7307205B2 - Method for manufacturing a percussion instrument - Google Patents

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Therapy and Spiritual Sound. Drum Accessories. Alex Acuna. El Toro. Tumbao Pro. Home Drums and Percussion Gon Bops.

Items per page: 20 40 60 80 Gon Bops The Gon Bops legend began in California when Mexican-American Mariano Bobadilla born in Guadalajara — who would go on to become one of the most highly-regarded conga builders in the percussion industry — started designing and building Conga and Bongo drums.

He chose the name Gon Bops because "Gon" was one of the colloquial expressions of the time, as in, "everything is gone, man" — and "Bops" because his friends nicknamed him Bob, which sounded like "Bop" in the Latino dialect. He also gave birth to the first tunable hardware for congas and bongos in the United States.

Having witnessed Cuban conga players heating up drums in their kitchens prior to performing, Bobadilla decided there had to be a simpler more reliable method to tension these instruments. Other innovations from the young company were Taroles wooden timbales , the first pre-mounted replacement heads for congas, chromatic tuned cowbells and numerous stands, adapters and other hardware. Gon Bops enjoyed great early success. Mariano remained deeply committed to a hands-on role in production and retained complete control of the design and fabrication of all his products.

As a result, Gon Bops instruments were mainstays on the biggest stages around the world, including the massive Woodstock festival in But the winds of change were sweeping through the American percussion industry. Cheap Asian labor costs meant greater profits. But as manufacturing costs decreased, so did quality, and for that reason Bobadilla refused to mover his production outside of the US. As a result, Gon Bops began to struggle financially.

Unable to compete against his larger competitors, Bobadilla had no choice but to close the doors of his highly regarded company. Thankfully, that was not to be the end of the Gon Bops brand. It was a great fit, and it was no coincidence that the quality of DW drums and hardware continued to grow after the Gon Bops acquisition.

Moghaddam brought along fellow drum craftsman Octavio Ruiz, and Lombardi teamed them up with Alejandro Perez, a drum builder who had worked with Mariano Bobadilla in the original Gon Bops factory. And it was a happy circumstance had Lombardi had begun to seek a buyer for Gon Bops. Share Facebook. In order to give you a better user experience, we use cookies. By visiting, you agree to the use of cookies.

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The present invention relates to improvements in acoustic resonance, sustained sound, sound amplitude, and structural integrity of laminated wood veneer structures, cores and shells. More particularly, this invention pertains to improvements for laminated wood structures, cores and shells used in manufacture of: 1 a percussion instrument, such as a drum, 2 a string instrument, such as a guitar, a violin, a harp, etc. As is well known in the prior art, a structure, core or shell utilized for manufacture of a drum is typically manufactured from laminated wood, veneer, glass fiber-reinforced wood veneer composite, PVC-reinforced wood veneer composite, polyurethane-reinforced wood veneer composite, carbon fiber-reinforced wood veneer composite, phenolic- and polyamid-reinforced wood veneer composite, or possibly a molded epoxy. Regardless of how the structure, core or shell is manufactured, the physical properties and characteristics of the shell are critically important to the quality of the sound generated by the drum or other acoustic instrument manufactured from such structure, core or shell. A principal area of focus relates to the process for manufacturing the structure, core or shell.


One of the most recognizable of the percussion instruments is the maracas, a pair of rattles made from gourds. Maracas are essential to Latin and South American orchestras and bands, and other musical forms that have adopted the rhythm of the maracas. Maracas are used as musical instruments, and they are usually oval or egg-shaped. The family of musical instruments is divided into groups depending on how sound is produced. Solid or sealed objects that have full, distinctive sounds are classified as "idiophones. Idiophones that are struck include cymbals, castanets, and the xylophone.

Gon Bops · Drums and Percussion

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The Gon Bops legend began in California when Mexican-American Mariano Bobadilla born in Guadalajara — who would go on to become one of the most highly-regarded conga builders in the percussion industry — started designing and building Conga and Bongo drums.

RAV Vast is a metal drum with perfectly cut steel tongues and a unique sound. RAV was invented by a Russian engineer, Andrey Remyannikov in , inspired by handpans, and turned out to become inimitable among other similar instruments. RAV has a hypnotic, tranquil, meditative, mystical sound and because of this and its from is called spacedrum or a UFO drum. Our instrument gives an easy access to creating music to everyone. Both, beginners and professionals are never bored with RAV. Vast variety of scales leaves no one untouched, everyone will find a tuning to their taste. Specially selected notes in each scale make the process of improvisation and songwriting easier. No more stressful memorizing of notes, chords and musical theory. You can start playing right away and as you grow, your RAV will revolve its potential. Each scale represents a certain mood, inspired by a certain culture or harmony.

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Ngeejui Siew. The then small family shop was named Peng Num Huad, and produced only wind instrument boxes for the local Thai market. After success in this area, Mr Siew expanded production to marching drums and hand percussion instruments to service schools and independent musicians throughout Thailand. At the time, a single conga drum could take up to 5 days to complete as the shells were individually steamed and bent by hand.

This application is a continuation-in-part patent application and claims priority to U. The present invention relates to a method for making a musical instrument.

A drum is a musical instrument which produces sound by the vibration of a stretched membrane. The membrane, which is known as the head, covers one or both ends of a hollow body known as the shell. Instruments that produce sound by means of a vibrating membrane are also known as membranophones. Drums are part of the larger category of musical devices known as percussion instruments. Percussion instruments other than membranophones are known as idiophones. Idiophones, such as bells and cymbals, produce sound by the vibration of the instrument itself rather than by an attached membrane. Drums exist in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The two basic shapes for shells are bowls and tubes. The most familiar bowlshaped drums in Western music are kettledrums, also known as timpani. Tubular drums may be taller than they are wide, such as conga drums, or shorter than they are wide. Short drums, also known as shallow drums, are the most common tubular drums used in Western music.

While Bobadilla's drums remained true to the classic Cuban shape, he was a the major US percussion manufacturers had moved offshore to manufacture their.

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At RI we complement high-level mechanical, electrical and control systems engineering with RF and pulsed power technology, and a unique infrastructure allowing for on-site high-precision machining, welding and brazing processes, chemical surface preparation, physical coating, clean room assembly, electrical manufacturing, and state-of-the-art test facilities. We have set standards for building particle accelerators, equipment for photon instrumentation and EUV metrology, and products for fusion technology, healthcare and industry. Our expertise is used in demanding applications that range from particle accelerators and medical isotope production to the fabrication of component and systems for the semiconductor supply line. When realizing your projects, precision in all fields is our main objective. Offers are prepared by our project managers and their teams of engineers and commercial officers, who accompany you through the life cycle of your project. Based on their long-term experience and their education in accelerator and photon physics, engineering, and special manufacturing, our project managers provide a deep understanding of your requirements. Working with you in a trustful partnership, this team provides continuity beyond the satisfactory delivery of your product or the completion of our service until the end of its lifetime. With our projects, including a major fraction of development effort and technical challenges, we are always committed to working against a realistic time schedule and delivery fitting the needs of your program. Our understanding of precise manufacturing implies machining with tolerances down to the micrometer regime, surface technologies utilizing ultrapure cleaning liquids, and clean assembly environments to semiconductor fabrication standards.

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The event aims at promoting musical instruments, sheet music, and music production industries worldwide. The visitors can also shop online and look for various products and services offered by a wide array of businesses and music industries under a single platform. Materials Coordination at Hakimi. Engineer at Freshfm. Percuussion accessories at Tosca Percussion Inc. Co founder and creative director at Kolanut Foundation. Businessman at salim agency. Request Space. More than 1, exhibitors from all around the globe will participate at the Musikmesse Frankfurt.


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During , the company started producing snare wires for drums, specializing in music business. Over the years, Luen invested a lot in technology and, in , acquired a complete line of heads production starting the manufacture of percussion heads. In , due to their expansion acquired, the company started the fabrication of percussion. During , aligned to their strategic planning, the Luen sets a benchmark by hiring two.

Therapy and Spiritual Sound. Drum Accessories. Alex Acuna. El Toro.

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