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Produce plant special devices and appliances for playing a play on electric musical instruments

Last updated: December 11, W illiam Shockley, Nobel-Prize winning co-inventor of the transistor a revolutionary electronic amplifier dating from the s had a vivid way of explaining it: "If you take a bale of hay and tie it to the tail of a mule and then strike a match and set the bale of hay on fire, and if you then compare the energy expended shortly thereafter by the mule with the energy expended by yourself in the striking of the match, you will understand the concept of amplification. Amplifiers are the tiny components in hearing aids that make voices sound louder. They're also the gadgets in radios that boost faraway signals and the devices in stereo equipment that drive your loudspeakers and the huge black boxes you plug into electric guitars to make them raise the roof. What are amplifiers?

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10 of the weirdest things used to make great music

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: Top 10 Hardest Instruments to Learn

This unit lends itself to searching for information, pictures, simulations and videos on the Internet, in the Library, in magazines and books. The basic information about the main topic is provided here, but teachers and learners should explore the topic further.

We are so used to switching on electrical appliances that we hardly think what makes it possible to have these things. Our focus turns to appliances that need a mains electrical supply. You have listed examples like a television, a computer, a kettle and many others before. A battery has stored energy which can provide electrical energy.

However, our homes, schools, shops and factories cannot run on batteries because they cannot store or provide large amounts of energy. We use electricity every day. The main supplier of electrical energy is from power stations. Power stations also need a source of energy to make electricity. In South Africa, this is mostly from fossil fuels.

Coal, oil and natural gas are fossil fuels. Some people think that fossil fuels are the remains of dead dinosaurs but this is not true! Actually, most of the fossil fuels we find today were formed millions of years before even the first dinosaurs. Fossil fuels were once alive! Do you remember learning about fossils in Gr. Write down what you think a fossil is. So fossil fuels are actually the remains of prehistoric organisms that lived millions of years ago!

Yes, that is right Jojo. But different fossil fuels come from different organisms and formed in slightly different ways. This activity is meant as a comprehension for reading appreciation. Ideally the learners should read the text themselves and then answer the questions that follow.

The ability to read a lot of text, identify the main facts, and then answer questions or summarise text is an important skill. Think about what the Earth must have looked like back then! There were swamps and marshes everywhere and it was warmer than it is today. Ancient trees, ferns and plants grew everywhere.

Very weird looking animals roamed the earth, and even stranger looking fish lived in the rivers and deep in the oceans and seas. When these prehistoric plants and animals died their bodies their bodies decomposed just in the same way as organisms decompose today. The dead organisms became buried under layers and layers of mud, rock, sand and water. Over time, these layers built up and became very deep and they pushed down with a great pressure on the layers below it.

Millions of years passed, and the dead plants and animals slowly decomposed and formed fossil fuels. Different types of fossil fuels were formed depending on different factors. For example, whether it was the remains of plants or animals or a combination and how long the remains of the organisms had been buried for. The type of fossil fuels that formed also depended on the temperature and pressure conditions during the decay of the organisms.

Oil is a dark, thick liquid that can be used to make petrol to burn in vehicles, such as cars, buses and trucks. Natural gas is colourless and it is used mostly in homes for heating and cooking food.

Oil and natural gas formed from organisms plants and animals that lived in the oceans before there were dinosaurs. When these organisms died, they settled on the bottom of the river bed or ocean floor and the layers built up under mud and sand silt.

The mud and sand slowly changed into rock and the rock and water pressure pushed down on the remains of the dead plants and animals. Over millions of years of being under heat and pressure, the dead plants and animals changed into a thick liquid, called crude oil. In deeper, hotter places tiny bubbles of natural gas formed. These were trapped under the rocks. Today, most of the oil and natural gas is collected from these caprocks by drilling down through the layers of rock. Coal was formed from the dead remains of trees, ferns and some other plants that lived to million years ago.

This was when the Earth was mostly covered in swampy forests. These kinds of plants were very different to the plants that we get today.

Over time, the layer of dead plants at the bottom of swamps was covered with layers of water and mud. The top layers squashed down on the dead plants.

Over millions of years the heat and pressure turned the plants into the coal that we mine today. The energy in coal originally comes from energy from the Sun. Plants on Earth used the energy of the Sun for photosynthesis and to grow. This energy was stored in the leaves, flowers and stems of the plants.

As the plants died the energy was trapped. The organisms that fossil fuels were formed from lived many years ago and are different to the organisms that we get today.

How many millions of years ago was this? The dead organisms are covered in sediments over time. Do you remember learning about sediments in Gr. Write a description of what sedimentation is. Sedimentation is when particles either sand, rock, or organic material settle on the bottom of a river or the ocean floor and over time form layers which begin to compact.

What are the two main factors which turned the remains of organisms into fossil fuels deep under the layers of rock and mud? The organisms that fossil fuels are made from lived millions of years ago. The plants used the Sun's energy to make food by photosynthesis. When they died this energy was trapped in the plants' remains which then turned into fossil fuels.

The animals that ate the plants got their energy indirectly from the Sun through the plants. When these tiny animals died, the energy was also trapped in their remains which became fossil fuels.

Do you remember learning about the states of matter in Matter and Materials. Each of the three fossil fuels discussed here is a different state of matter. Say what they are. The process of coal formation and natural gas and oil formation have similarities, but also differences. Draw a table where you compare these two processes. Give your table a heading. A comparison of the process of coal formation, and natural gas and oil formation different fossil fuels. The way we obtain the different fossil fuels is also different.

Coal is usually obtained by digging mines into the rock and sand to reach the coal deposits deep under the surface. This creates a huge hole in the surface of the earth as you can see in the photograph of a mine.

Oil and natural gas is obtained by drilling down through the rock. A hole is sunk with a huge drill so that the oil and natural gas can be reached and then brought up to the surface. This normally takes place in the ocean, as you can see in the oil rig in the photo.

Search the Internet to find out which countries in the world have large quantities of coal, oil and natural gas. ESKOM uses mainly coal to produce energy for industrial and household use. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources of energy.

This is because they take millions of years to form. Once these fuels are burnt, they cannot be recovered or reused. They are non-renewable. Fossil fuels are not renewable because we use them up far quicker in a few centuries than they can form millions of years.

This point will be lost if learners can not distinguish between hundreds and millions. This should be addressed by the teacher to focus on meaning of hundreds and millions. People on Earth are using up these deposits of fossil fuels much, much faster than they are being made as they take millions of years to be made!

Look at the diagram of a power station again. Do you see the smoke that is given off when the coal is burnt? This causes huge environmental concerns as it is polluting our atmosphere.

A bit later in this chapter we will look at other ways of producing energy which, unlike fossil fuels, are renewable. Do you hear your parents and other adults talk about the cost of living? Do they remind you to switch off lights and other appliances that are not in use?

Electricity is an expensive resource! A learner might make the reasonable point that the coal is burnt anyway, whether you leave that light on or not. But, the point is to show that cumulatively, saving electricity can have an effect on reducing demand on power stations, and it also reduces the amount that your individual household spends on electricity if you use it efficiently. When electrical energy enters your home, it must pass through a meter.

Have you ever seen a white box outside your house?

Take movie night for instance. An HD television is a great way to bring the family together for a night of movie entertainment.

A musical instrument is an instrument created or adapted to make musical sounds. In principle, any object that produces sound can be considered a musical instrument—it is through purpose that the object becomes a musical instrument. The history of musical instruments dates to the beginnings of human culture. Early musical instruments may have been used for ritual, such as a trumpet to signal success on the hunt, or a drum in a religious ceremony. Cultures eventually developed composition and performance of melodies for entertainment.

Mains electricity

Best Player Piano System. Based on famous hit songs, popular standards and light classics, it teaches. With its innovative approach to digital-piano synthesis, the V-Piano soars beyond the limits of previous sample-based instruments. Adele, Coldplay, Ludovico Einaudi and Lang Lang are just waiting for a tap of your finger to play on your Steinway immediately. The country of origin is often the best indicator of the quality of pianos.

Special items

The present invention claims benefit of Provisional Application No. The present invention is an improvement on U. The present invention relates to devices and methods for teaching a student to play a fretted or non-fretted stringed instrument. More particularly, the present invention is directed to devices for teaching a student note or chord names, and proper finger placement to play individual notes, chords or scales, on a fretted or non-fretted stringed instrument, and to an improved method for teaching a student of a stringed instrument to read music. It also pertains to the art of composing, translation, and scoring music as original composition or derived from recordings, sheet music, and the like. The present invention replaces the fixed printed indicia of with dynamic indicia under control of a computer or other memory containing logic-machine.

Employment status of the noninstitutional population 16 years and over to date.

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From acoustic grand pianos to Clavinova digital pianos to the new Hybrid line, Yamaha has a solution for every need. Yamaha's Digital Keyboards feature hundreds of voices and sounds, advanced synthesis technology, even interactive tutorials. And because they're portable, they go anywhere music is made.

Friday 19th August Why be hidebound by guitar or bass, or a slave to the woodwind? Many of us embark on our first music-making by just bashing away on whatever we can get our sticky little paws on: toy trains, boxes, long-suffering parents' faces.

The browser you are using is not supported. Please see our supported browsers. View more details. To use WestJet. There's a wide range of special items to make note of, so we've listed everything here for you. Also, if your final destination is outside of Canada, check with the agency responsible for security in the country you are travelling to. Film should be packed in carry-on baggage, as screening machines for checked baggage may affect it. Film below ISO won't be harmed by carry-on screening machines. However, you can request a hand inspection.

Rearing of livestock and production of livestock products, not elsewhere cl. Pest Planting,replanting and conservation of forests on government land Manufacture of other electrical domestic appliances n.e.c. Manufacture of musical instruments (Note: Manufacture of toy musical instru.


Tokai Japan Company is a Japan-based company, principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of pulp and paper products, as well as paper processing, civil engineering and landscaping. Tokai Optical was founded by the late Mr. Aisin Seiki Co. Tokai obtains ISO registration. An introduction of company's outline, global network, and other fundamental infomation about Tokai Rika. Since established in , with then company values in mind, which are Development, Amicability and Gratitude, we have been pursuing for the technical progress at ut-most efforts, in order to speedy bring about hight quality yet competitively priced products for society. Tokai Tokyo Wealth Consulting Co. A Global Leader in Carbon Materials. In October , we obtained ISO and certification. Japanese utilities, including Chubu Electric Power Co.

Roland Music Styles

Arduino is a single-board microcontroller. It is intended to make the application of interactive objects or environments more accessible. Here, we are listing out some of the best and very useful arduino project ideas which are collected from different resources and are very interesting to implement them. Here, we are listing out some of the best and very useful Arduino project ideas which are collected from different resources and are very interesting to implement them. Published in Can you please suggest me some of my requirement?

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Roland Music Styles. You can easily unsubscribe at any time using the provided link within sent emails.


This unit lends itself to searching for information, pictures, simulations and videos on the Internet, in the Library, in magazines and books. The basic information about the main topic is provided here, but teachers and learners should explore the topic further.

200+ Arduino Projects List For Final Year Students

Akai Store. This board would have been perfect with a Fatar keybed. Twelve pieces of the chef's selection of the best fish of the day. Our staff are ready to talk you through all the options on your next Akai Pro purchase.

Musical Instruments

This could be sixteen different digital instruments, for example. MIDI carries event messages, data that specify the instructions for music, including a note's notation , pitch , velocity which is heard typically as loudness or softness of volume , vibrato , panning to the right or left of stereo, and clock signals which set tempo. One common MIDI application is to play a MIDI keyboard or other controller and use it to trigger a digital sound module which contains synthesized musical sounds to generate sounds, which the audience hears produced by a keyboard amplifier.

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