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Product fabrication phosphatide concentrates,

Filed duly 14, , Ser. Code , sec. This invention relates to a process for preparing concentrated milk products, and particularly relates to a process for preparing concentrated milk products with improved heat stability and storage life. Sterile concentrated milk products such as evaporated milk are ordinarily prepared by concentrating normal or modified fluid milk to produce a concentrate of the desired content of total solids and the desired ratio between fat and total solids, preferably homogenizing at some point in the preparation of the concentrate, packaging the concentrate in cans or bottles, and sterilizing the packaged concentrate with heat. There are wellrecognized liabilities in the sterile milk products prepared by previously developed processes. It is known that the use of high temperatures and short times of sterilization results in sufiicient destruction of contaminating organisms without the unwanted side-effects of imparting off-color and oif-flavors which may occur with the long heating period required if lower sterilizing temperatures are used.

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WO2000031219A1 - Improved method for refining vegetable oil - Google Patents


Soy isoflavone concentrate process and product. Patent number: The soy isoflavone concentrate products are then used in a liquid or dry beverage, food or nutritional products. Type: Grant. Filed: December 4, Date of Patent: April 9, Assignee: Central Soya Company, Inc. Inventors: Thomas A. Dobbins, Arthur H. The soy isoflavone concentrate product is then used in a liquid or dry beverage, food or nutritional product.

Date of Patent: November 20, Inventor: Arthur H. Filed: October 12, Date of Patent: May 8, Herbicide composition. Abstract: An adjuvant composition for use in a pesticide formulation that is applied to a substrate. The adjuvant composition comprises acidulated soap stock.

Filed: April 19, Date of Patent: May 28, Inventors: Jennifer Farr, Phillip K. Method of making soybean Bowman-Birk inhibitor concentrate and use of same as a human cancer preventative and therapy. Filed: January 17, Date of Patent: June 8, Assignees: Central Soya Company, Inc. Inventors: Ann R. Kennedy, Bernard F. Process for making soy protein concentrate. Filed: December 13, Date of Patent: March 17, Method of deoiling crude lecithin.

Filed: February 11, Date of Patent: February 7, Inventors: Melvin D. Binderman, Joseph N. Method of tableting of de-oiled phosphatides lecithin. Filed: October 8, Date of Patent: August 9, Inventors: Diane Rothfuss, Roger A. Method of feeding cattle to improve protein utilization. Abstract: Zinc oxide and zinc carbonate are dry blended with proteinaceous feeds for dairy cattle and beef cattle to protect the protein against rumen digestion.

Although zinc oxide and zinc carbonate have limited water solubility and are not prereacted with the protein, milk production in dairy cattle and rate of weight gain in beef cattle can be increased in relation to protein intake. Filed: January 13, Date of Patent: April 12, Inventor: Edwin W.

Protein-protected ruminant feeds. Abstract: This invention encompasses protein-protected ruminant feed comprising a pelleted admixture of unhydrolyzed proteinaceous meal and a ruminant-edible water-soluble zinc salt providing zinc ions in aqueous solution, said zinc salt being present in an amount providing a 0.

The large amount of zinc protects protein in the rumen of cattle and provides for more efficient utilization of feed protein. Filed: February 3, Date of Patent: November 3, Method of providing cattle with proteinaceous feed materials. Abstract: Dry mixes of zinc salts with particulate proteinaceous feeds for ruminants decrease the rumen digestibility of the protein thereby increasing the nutrient value of the feed to the ruminant.

The zinc salts are incorporated as powders external to the particles of feed material. The protective action against micro-organism attack on the protein is provided in the rumen.

The dry mix feed materials can be used with beef and dairy cattle and sheep. Filed: November 13, Date of Patent: May 12, Abstract: This invention is concerned with improvement in the nutritive value of soybean meal and other oil seed proteinaceous meals for feeding cattle.

The improvement is accomplished by treating the meals with a water-soluble zinc salt to provide zinc ions for reaction with the protein. The treatment reduces the rumen digestibility of the protein of the meal and thereby improves its nutritive value. Filed: August 15, Process for the manufacture of aquatic bait blocks. Abstract: A process for the manufacture of aquatic bait blocks wherein filler material, lime, molasses and condensed fish solubles are made into relatively small blocks having a water degradability of from about 18 to 96 hours.

Filed: April 22, Date of Patent: January 6, Inventors: Jerry L. Faber, Richard W. Kent, Jr. Process for breading food. Abstract: This invention is concerned with a novel process for preparing breaded foods which, when baked, have the desirable characteristics of the deep-fat fried counterpart which is made possible by coating with a fat-emulsion, breading and thereafter overcoating with an egg white solution.

Filed: August 26, Date of Patent: May 21, Inventors: Charles W. Monagle, Janet C. Method of preparing heat resistant lecithin release agent. Abstract: A clear heat resistant lecithin is produced by acylating lecithin to less than 1. Filed: December 30, Date of Patent: October 30, Inventors: Gregory L. Dashiell, William E. Method for preparing meat-in-sauce, meat-in-gravy and meat filling. Abstract: This invention is concerned with the emulsification and stabilization of fat in meat-in-sauce, meat-in-gravy and meat filling foods which are heat processed.

The method includes first adding from about 0. Filed: January 3, Date of Patent: September 18, Inventors: John A. Haggerty, Dennis D. Process for preparing salad dressings. Abstract: An improved process for preparing emulsified dressings including non-specific dressings, salad dressings, and dressings of the mayonnaise type which employs colloid milling to prepare emulsified dressings which possess unique freeze-thaw stability and resistance to mechanical stress.

Filed: November 25, Date of Patent: December 27, Inventors: Thomas M. Trainor, Daniel R. Soy protein product and process.

Abstract: A novel aqueous process for the production of soy protein concentrates which possess many of the functional attributes of soy protein isolates. In producing the soy concentrate, parameters are controlled in the aqueous leaching and separating, neutralization, pastuerization and drying steps which are performed in the order recited.

Filed: November 12, Date of Patent: October 18, Inventor: Donald E. Method of preparing animal feeds.

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Filed May 9, , Ser. During the recovery of oils from vegetable matter, particularly seeds or fruits, by pressing or extraction, a crude oil is obtained which normally contains a few percent of dissolved gums. These can be separated from the oil by treatment with water or aqueous solutions, centrifuging and drying. Such a phosphatidecontaining material may for example be obtained from soyabeans, rapeseed, groundnuts, and cottonseed. The vegetable lecithins have founds many uses, for instance, as emulsifiers in the food industry.

Agrofood Sector

Soy isoflavone concentrate process and product. Patent number: The soy isoflavone concentrate products are then used in a liquid or dry beverage, food or nutritional products. Type: Grant.

Production of natural sunflower oil and high- protein sunflower meal

Patented Nov. Buxton, Bellevlile, N. Application January 4, , Serial No. Thus, for example, it has long been the practice to subject fish liver oils to an alkali refining treatment by contacting the oils with an aqueous solution of a strong alkali; the free fatty acids contained in the oil are thereby saponified and subsequently removed together with other undesirable constituents, thus rendering the oil more palatable. Extensive practice of this procedure has, however, demonstrated that contacting fish liver oils with alkali not only saponifies the free fatty acids and thereby permits their removal, but also may destroy the natural antioxidants, if any, present in the oil.

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Palsgaard specialises in ammonium phosphatide AMP , a powerful and sustainable non-GMO emulsifier used successfully by the chocolate industry since the s as an efficient alternative to lecithin. Just as lecithin E is a phospholipid, so is ammonium phosphatide E but with the important distinction that AMP has been created specifically for use in chocolate and confectionery.

Our team unites the best specialists in their fields who are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. We support the corporative spirit, mutual help and sharing experience in all ways. Thanks to it, our collective works smooth and effectively. We cooperate with profile higher institutions participating in preparing a new generation of food industry engineers. Extracting the most precious from the gifts of the sun and preserving all beneficial properties presented by nature, we produce a good-quality, ecologically pure and useful product for all who care about their health! These are the qualities of our employees, these are the qualities bringing us several steps ahead of others. Raw material and output products are stored in warehouses which fully meet the standards specified in normative documents. Transportation is carried out by reliable companies which follow all transportation rules.

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In the refining of crude vegetable oils, it is conventional to remove phosphatides frequently referred to as lecithin from the oil. This process is commonly referred to as "degumming". Degumming is typically achieved by hydrating the lecithin-containing crude oil and recovering the insoluble hydrated lecithin frequently referred to as wet gum from the oil. A commercial lecithin product is then obtained by drying the wet gum.

Meyer, Ev-. It is known that phosphatides. Soybean phosphatides consist'essentially of a mixture of, lecithin and cephalin and applicants have observed that when these isolated individual 'phosphatides are used in chocolate that lecithin has a greater viscosity re ducing action than cephalin.

Field of the Invention This invention relates to improved methods for refining vegetable oils and byproducts thereof. More particularly, this invention relates to improved processes for producing vegetable oils having reduced content of impurities such as free fatty acids and phosphatides. This invention also relates to an improved process for deodorizing lecithin. This invention additionally relates hydrolyzed lecithin, deodorized lecithin and deodorized vegetable oil obtained by improved processes of the invention. Background of the Invention Organic Acid Refining. Vegetable oils are typically obtained by pressing or extracting the oil seeds of plants such as corn or soybeans. Properly processed vegetable oils are suitable for use in many edible oil and fat compositions destined for human consumption. Such edible oils and fats include salad oils, cooking oils, frying fats, baking shortenings, and margerines. In addition to being widely used in edible oils and fats, vegetable oils are also increasingly utilized in important industrial products such as caulking compounds, disinfectants, fungicides, printing inks, and plasticizers.

no phosphatides, these being concentrated in the phosphatide solvent liquid Process for obtaining an improved phosphatide product from crude vegetable.

US2373686A - Phosphatide product and method of making - Google Patents

They are made of fat-free soy cake to simulate texture of the most valuable food products — meat, fish and mushrooms. In Russia, the consumption of soybean texturates in increased by 6. In the last six years, the volumes of import and export were insignificant as the Russian manufacturers satisfied completely the growing demand for these products at the domestic market. The volumes of soybean processing in the above areas are different. Nowadays, beginning from the last decade, the world is experiencing a soybean boom. The number of processing facilities and developments in this area is growing in geometric progression and biotechnologies are evolving rapidly. It is likely that in the next few years the market of soybean and soya products will be characterized by further increase in demand for soybeans and products of their processing. Pricing will depend not only on the current yield and carry-over stocks; as expected, a significant impact on demand for the products will be made by China and India. As concerns apparently positive characteristics of the domestic soybean industry, they might include the predominant use of domestic ecologically safe and genetically non-modified feedstock and a relatively low level of prices and costs. An additional positive factor is a capacious and rapidly growing market in Russia and CIS countries with a huge import-substitution potential.

Concentrate phosphatide

Sunflower phosphatide concentrate are our main product due to their wonderful properties, compared to other sunflower phosphatide concentrate. Of course, sunflower phosphatide concentrate are not GMOs, and also do not contain allergens and is a preferred alternative to soybean phosphatide concentrate in Europe and Asia. Sunflower phosphatide concentrate are ideal for use in the manufacture of chocolate, bread, margarine, fast food, biscuits and many other foods. Applications in the food industry are diverse: sunflower phosphatide concentrate can be used as a natural emulsifier, moisturizing agent, stabilizer, release agent, antioxidant, and dispersing agent. Crude phosphatide concentrate are intended as feedstock for further processing into food phosphatide concentrate used in the food industry, as well as an important ingredient for animal feed and feed additives used in animal husbandry. We supply both sunflower phosphatide concentrate and soybean phosphatide concentrate.

US3065086A - Process for preparing sterilized concentrated milk products - Google Patents

End products produced at the plant today are crude sunflower, soybean and rapeseed oils for human nutrition as well as sunflower, soybean and rapeseed meal and husk used in pellets for animals and, finally, they manufacture phosphatide concentrate from sunflowers, soybeans and rapeseeds used in the manufacture of margarine and in bakery, confectionery and chocolate goods or, in other instances, for cattle feed. At the same time, high productivity rates and the high quality of the raw materials are preserved in end products.

Seed processing plant - Ukraine

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AMP – the chocolate maker’s best emulsifier alternative to lecithin

Letsitiny from the Greek — yolk — general term for the designation of fatty substances in the cloths of animals and plants, the egg yolks, which consist of orthophosphoric acid, choline, fatty acids, glycerin, glycolipids, fats and phospholipids. Bakery and confectionary products are products that are in demand all categories of consumers, so producers need to improve the quality indicators;.

US3047597A - Purification of phosphatides - Google Patents

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