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Space industrial molded rubber products

It also undertakes the production of die cut components, assembly operations and rubber to metal bonding. The parts produced cover a range including suction cups, seals, boots, o-rings, bellows, bumpers, grips, grommets, handles, gaskets, cleats, bushings, rollers valves, diaphragms and washers. The molding capabilities of Elk Grove Rubber allow it to manufacture sample and prototype parts and produce in both low and high volumes depending upon the requirements of its customers. The equipment used by the Organization to produce the molded component includes double and single deck molding presses rubber cutters and automatic trimming machines.

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We offer injection, LIM and transfer molding, rubber to metal bonding, engineering support, tooling design and more. Our customers rely on us to give them the best possible production solutions for rubber molding. From aerospace to medical, consumer products to military applications we build trust by being responsive to your needs.

Rubber molding is what we do best. We believe in offering our very best to all customers no matter how large or small. For over 65 years we have pushed the boundaries of what we do and continue to improve our products and customer service every day. We know how important fast delivery is to you, which is why we do out best to have the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Contact us for more info! With more than a century of manufacturing experience, Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co. We offer a variety of custom rubber molding services, including rubber mixing and formulating, rapid prototyping, molded rubber product design and research, and more.

At Pierce-Roberts, customers get a product that matches specifications and service that exceeds expectations. That is our guarantee. If you have a need custom rubber molding for products with a fast turnaround, Britech Industries is the company you need to call.

We do molded, extruded and die cut rubber — of various products and in the colors and compounds you need. We can manufacture domestically or off shore. If you do not see what you need for your application, let us know, so we can find a solution for you!

We are experts in compression molding and transfer molding. We also offer just-in-time delivery and boast strict adherence to meeting deadlines. We are a family-owned, US-based manufacturing company with over 60 years of experience.

National Rubber was founded in with the values of variety, consistency, quality, open communication, and timely delivery at its core. Today, we stay true to these values by taking each one of your specifications into consideration, and working with you through every step of the manufacturing process. Call us today for more information! Mason Rubber is a full-service organization assisting in the designing or reverse engineering of custom product to fulfill your production requirements.

Injection, transfer and compression molding processes are used to manufacture product using a full range of elastomers. We specialize in bonding rubber to metal. Jet Rubber Company, employee-owned, offers custom molded rubber and rubber to metal components. They offer rubber molding in a wide array of standard rubber products as well as custom options for those more complex and difficult jobs. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, competitive prices and on time delivery.

We routinely work with a wide variety of materials. With over 30 years of experience in the rubber molding industry, we remaincommitted to offering the best of our time and energy to all customers nomatter how large or small. We believe in providing our customers with thetools they need to succeed. Learn more about what we can do for you on ourwebsite today! Aero Rubber is an ISO registered, world-class manufacturer of molded rubber products, custom molded rubber and molded rubber goods.

Since , Aero has developed the personnel, facilities, materials and rubber molding processes required to recognize and meet your industrial rubber needs. Call Aero Rubber today to learn more about our rubber molding services.

Kent Rubber Supply leverages our experience, innovation and continuous development to ensure our customers get the best products. We specialize in small to large batch production runs of molded rubber parts, allowing us to offer ultimate customization when it comes to a wide variety of specs. Our products vary in shapes, sizes and wall thicknesses in materials such as PVC and urethane.

Both domestic and offshore services are available. We provide a variety of custom molded rubber and injection molded rubber parts to the all industries including aerospace, medical, communications, and manufacturing. We process all orders to the highest standards.

We are specialists in extruded rubber products, molded rubber products, rubber hose, and rubber sheeting. Abbott Rubber Company has close to 60 years of experience providing personal service and rubber product fabrication in materials such as neoprene, nitrile, Buna-N, pure gum, EPDM, butyl, SBR, and silicone and more. Accu-Seal Rubber is a manufacturer of extruded rubber, molded rubber and silicone rubber products such as gaskets, rubber grommets, oil seals, rubber-to-metal joints and silicone tubing.

Platinum cured silicone extrusion is a specialty of ours. Quick turnaround, quality products, competitive pricing. The founders of ACE Rubber Products are experienced rubber molders and mold makers; their careers spanning in excess of fifty years collectively.

Their commitment to produce the best product is the objective of our company. Founded in , Advanced Rubber Molding specializes in custom rubber molded products. Choose rubber moldings from multiple compounds including: EPDM, nitrile, neoprene, natural and more.

Made in the USA. ATL uses 12 different techniques and technologies to create its custom flexible composite bladders. These include: molding, vulcanizing, thermoforming, thermal-fusion, dielectrics, friction welding and laser beading. AirBoss is one of North America's leading custom rubber mixers with the capacity to supply over million pounds annually.

We continually invest in our manufacturing. Our main facility in Kitchener, Ontario, is supplemented by a state-of-the-art mixing facility in Scotland Neck, North Carolina. We currently stock an inventory of over 2, parts and provides a quick-delivery system. American Engineering Group ISO supplies rubber, plastic, metal and composite components for applications manufactured in India. Our products include diaphragms, hoses, grommets, seals and custom rubber components.

Ames Rubber has the right innovative, cost-effective solution to your molded rubber needs. Molded elastomer capabilities include injection, compression, transfer, and insert molding. Ames is known for its exceptional attention to quality. For over 60 years, Armada has assisted customers with product design, correct material selection, and prototyping through production run of molded rubber parts like grommets, bumpers and seals. We provide custom rubber molding for parts as well as offering standard parts.

Custom rubber molding is our business. We will prototype and make a small or numerous-piece production run. The mold we make is for your business and is your property. Many industrial, commercial and military applications have been met with our rubber products.

Atlantic Precision Rubber specializes in supplying molded, extruded, lathe-cut and die-cut rubber and thermoplastic rubber materials to original equipment manufacturers. Both standard precision molded rubber products and custom molded rubber products are available. We provide engineering assistance, quality assurance and competitive pricing for all your rubber molding needs.

Manufacturing of industrial rubber products such as grommets, bushings, o-rings, bumpers and more is what we specialize in. Since , our standard and custom rubber offerings have included rubber molding, foam rubber, rubber sheet, silicone rubber and much more.

We are ISO certified. BIRCO produces large sheet goods and high wear performance industrial parts, along with smaller items with precision. BIRCO performs compounding and molding operations within its 33, sq. Bruckman Rubber Co. We offer injection rubber molding, transfer rubber molding and rubber compression molding to produce your rubber products. We manufacture to your specifications. What sets us apart is the ability to provide you with a turnkey solution, from prototype to production.

We can assist you with rubber product design. Our injection Division has fully automated and computerized machinery. ISO certified, we are committed to the highest quality standards and on-time deliveries.

CGR Products cuts, slits, laminates, and skives a wide variety of flexible, non-metallic materials into custom precision components for the industrial OEM market.

Over the years, we have developed a well-earned reputation for top quality parts, and dedicated customer service. Our dedicated staff will work with you to ensure that all of the needs of our customers are addressed.

To get started, contact us today! Colonial began in and continues to be a diverse rubber supplier in North America. Production parts include molded cellular rubber, molded dense rubber, extrusions and die cut rubber seals and gaskets. Capabilities also include rubber to metal or plastic bonding, vulcanize rubber sheets, rubber compounding and much more. Contact Rubber designs and manufactures a variety of standard and custom rubber products. We specialize in rubber and urethane contact wheels and rollers, all sorts of custom molded rubber, silicone and polyurethane products, and rubber to metal bonding.

Contact us today for more information. We have been delivering the best products in the industry since Cooper Standard ISG specializes in large and intricate molded seals and gaskets. We can deliver a complete line of compression molded, transfer molded or injection molded products, including molded silicone, molded EPDM, molded SBR, molded neoprene, molded nitrile, molded plastics TPE and molded polyisoprene materials.

We also provide solutions for rubber bonding, molded details, molded corners and overmolding applications. At CTG we strive to continually foster and enhance our partnerships with our customers through a combination of exemplary service and efficient production.

Cumberland Rubber Supply is an American company based in Tennessee, and we supply a wide array of rubber products.

LSR Liquid Silicone Rubber offers excellent performance characteristics and qualities that are superior to many other materials, making it a great choice for a wide range of automotive applications. While there are many benefits, the following are the top four LSR advantages that are most important for automotive applications.

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company is a leader in rubber part production for the aerospace industry. Rocket propulsion…space exploration…optimum aircraft performance…Pierce-Roberts has a reputation for innovation and reliability in the manufacturing of the necessary rubber parts. The world relies on satellite communication, radio or television broadcasting, weather monitoring, GPS navigation, etc. The requirements for the design and construction of satellites are strict. Satellites must operate in extreme conditions while maintaining dependability.

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Intercarat processes numerous elastomers for high-quality components for industrial processes and products, for example for the medical industry and for plant and device manufacturers. It focuses on covers, maskings and plugs, lip rings, watch straps and cable bushings. Our molded rubber parts are used as production aids and as masking during the production of orthopaedic implants and dental implants. The main area of application is implants which are prepared using various surface technologies. For example, the surface is roughened at the contact points with human bone material while the silicone part VMQ with relevant approval covers the areas which do not need surface processing or where this would be a disadvantage. The custom rubber products are resistant against sand blasting and glass bead blasting, as well as to the application of plasma. Cable bushings are used anywhere where electrical devices need to be protected against humidity or where cables need to be protected against tearing and friction.

Manufacturing Glossary

About Cascade Rubber - Who we are. Located in Northwest Portland, one of the most important ports on the Pacific Rim, we have two facilities today totalling 40, sq ft of manufacturing space. Cascade Rubber is a family owned business, started in , giving us thirty years of experience in forming customer relationships that last. Our key production employees have over years combined experience working with compounding, rubber molding and problem solving. Our management team has over 90 years combined experience in the rubber industry which results in us being able to offer the best overall solution for your manufacturing, quality and cost needs.

Not only do we stock a wide variety of rubber products but we create customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

As a family owned business, we have developed a legacy around our Year Dream , which is our goal of standing tall a century from inception. From this dream spawns our core values and guiding principles that support the company's longevity, rather than short-term profits. At Bryant Rubber, we are committed to always exhibiting our Core Values, even when no one is watching. We will never settle for mediocrity and neither should you. Our Guiding Principles act as the foundation of our organization and serve as a reminder that better never stops. We are Bryant Rubber and we stand for our " Year Dream". With this dream comes the commitment to make decisions that reward not only this current generation of customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, but also reward those generations yet to come.

Covers and maskings for the medical industry

Keeping in line with the ambition of Indian Railways to increase the load capacity of wagons, and also to increase the number of wagons in a single train, we are proud to introduce draft gear pads that are up to the task. Current production capacity is pads per month. Introducing rubber spring for Schaku Couplers.

Since ProMed has been a leading force in the art and science of medical molding to address an industry need for cleanroom molding of silicone components and assemblies. With our primary focus to manufacture components, which have medical applications which are short-term and long-term implantable, that are intricately designed silicone and plastic components.

Our Clarence Headquarters has 91k sq. From gasket fabrication to o-ring inspection, our world-class facilities allow our team to make the highest quality products for our valued customers. Choose more than compounds including:. PORON materials are high density, flexible cellular products and are manufactured by continuously casting and curing mechanically frothed urethane intermediates to the desired thickness. PTFE material has the lowest coefficient of friction and possesses superior chemical resistance. A wide variety of gasketing products - fabricated in dozens of materials in hundreds of formulations. Established in by Dean T. Dean's original philosophy included exceeding customer expectations with great customer service and high quality products; and we are proud to continue that tradition today. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products, the best technical support, reliable on-time delivery, and superior customer service, at competitive prices.

Sep 10, - Westfall Technik adds medical clean room molding space Formed in by plastics industry veteran Brian Jones, Westfall Technik went.

Welcome To K R Industries

We offer injection, LIM and transfer molding, rubber to metal bonding, engineering support, tooling design and more. Our customers rely on us to give them the best possible production solutions for rubber molding. From aerospace to medical, consumer products to military applications we build trust by being responsive to your needs. Rubber molding is what we do best. We believe in offering our very best to all customers no matter how large or small. For over 65 years we have pushed the boundaries of what we do and continue to improve our products and customer service every day.

Rubber in the Aerospace Industry

Mid-March move to much larger facility will increase storage space near Toronto and available manufacturing space near Montreal for supplier of industrial rubber products. Elasto Proxy specializes in the custom fabrication of low-to-medium volume quantities of rubber seals, gaskets, and insulation for the defense, aerospace, mobile equipment, enclosures, medical and health, food equipment, and building and construction industries. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Is sealing with silicone rubber gaskets right for your application? Consider the advantages of silicone seals and the applications for silicone gaskets. The move is scheduled for mid-March. About Elasto Proxy Elasto Proxy specializes in the custom fabrication of low-to-medium volume quantities of rubber seals, gaskets, and insulation for the defense, aerospace, mobile equipment, enclosures, medical and health, food equipment, and building and construction industries. Tags: distribution , manufacturing , move , moving , newmarket , warehousing. Previous Post Industry 4. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

The following decades saw continuous and steady progress. A metamorphosis took place whereby the small company from Marchtrenk became a world-class company in the field of processing liquid silicone. Extension work of the production area in factory II in Weisskirchen commenced in September because here too, the halls began to fill up rapidly.

Jasper Rubber Products is a hometown Jasper, Indiana, company. We were founded here, and we have grown up here with the dedication, ingenuity, and hard work of our local workforce.

We develop and design rubber components in a multitude of polymers for many industries around the globe. URM Rubber-metal connections are most commonly used to filter vibrations and stop resonance.

Innovations in synthetic rubber are triggering growth for the industrial rubber products market. Hence, manufacturers are innovating new synthetic rubber solutions to improve tire technology.

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