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Storage engines for cars and motorcycles

When you think of a two-wheeled vehicle, the first things that may come to mind is a motorcycle or scooter, or perhaps even a moped. All three are considered great forms of transportation for commuting, or when one simply does not prefer a car. However, have you wondered what the differences are between the three two-wheeled vehicles? Commonly seen on the roads in the United States aside from motorcycles are scooters, or motor scooters.

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Can work with all vehicles: cars, motorbikes, go-karts and anything else with an engine. Wivel is able to collects and save driving data from different motorsport types circuit racing, autocross, drifting, drag racing etc.

Recorded data is saved to the internal memory and transmitted via Bluetooth to any smartphone, tablet, smart watch or computer. Our superior accuracy is provided through sophisticated digital filtration, signal processing and data fusion algorithms that take conventional GPS accuracy down from 5 m up to 50 cm.

In addition to the OBDII interface, Wivel has an extra power source, analog, and digital inputs for additional sensors. For vehicles manufactured before or motorcycles, we use additional inputs to monitor engine speed, throttle position, coolant temperature, brake and oil pressure, etc. On OBDII equipped cars, we use analog inputs to log additional sensors like brake pressure, steering angle, linear potentiometers for suspension, etc. Engineered by a group of car enthusiasts and high skilled specialists for enthusiasts.

Wivel is the world's first activity tracker for cars and motorcycles. The idea for Wivel was born nearly two years ago on a racetrack. At the time, we could not find a well-engineered low-cost tracking device that works with mobile applications. Small size allows Wivel to be used on go-carts and motorbikes. Its dimensions are 95 x 50 x 12 mm and it weighs 35 grams. Depending of the vehicle and wire set installation can take from 1 minute to 1 hour.

Placed on the top of the windshield of a car or to the front fairing of a motorcycle makes Wivel nearly invisible. For safety reasons car makers prefer the same spot for rain sensors, cameras to assure that nothing will distract visibility. By mounting Wivel to the front of the windshield we are not only providing best possible reception, but are also providing a solid location for other Wivel sensors to work best.

Devices mounted to cars OBDII ports under the dashboard or under the hood cannot deliver accuracy for tracking. We designed Wivel to work with many useful mobile applications that can help you to track your car or motorcycles performance during any occasion. We offer cutting edge technologies such data gathering capability and data streaming which none of our competitors include.

We are working hard to integrate and develop more apps. Wivel can act as an accurate performance meter as it can measure almost every aspect related to your car or motorcycle. Have you wondered how much power your vehicle is producing or how good your brakes are?

Wivel takes detailed, precise measurements and provides feedback and performance measurements in real time. It is common in professional racing to track your location to measure your time and performance based on distance splits. Is it important to have Accurate GPS data to compare your past and current driving performance to continuously improve your speed and skills. Have you ever thought that your OEM gauges did not provide enough information?

Wivel can display the sensory data on your smartphone or tablet in real time. We can pull that information for you from your vehicles ECU. We can help you to get there. By providing all necessary data to make improvements. There are virtually hundreads of car related apps out there. Please vote for your favourite app! In case something happens with Wivel, we can start the scan protocol and find possible problems remotely.

It is a proven solution with millions of laps recorded by users. It works for you while you drive. It can be used for almost all types of racing and outdoor sport. RaceChrono has rich lap analyzing features suited especially for motorsports, making it a great alternative to traditional car, karting and motorcycle lap timers.

Diablo Super Biker has renewed its design and improved the accuracy of its data detection system. The app is ever more reliable for your routes on the track and on the road. Track your sessions with your smartphone, save and share your records on Facebook! Look up roads and routes in new areas for trip planning or weekend motorcycle rides. Design your own layouts and custom dials, use your own themes. Retrieve Fault Codes and clear Check Engine lights.

Upload live OBD2 data to your webserver or the torque web viewer in realtime. The program supports viewing pending DTCs as well. Data from engine parameters can be saved to device's internal storage as a CSV file. The track day lap-timer by track day riders, for track day riders. Capture GPS data, then automatically compute lap times for each of your sessions on the track.

Record and track unlimited rides to help you ride farther, better, faster. Discover the best motorcycle roads. Set up a private ride group or tap into Bikers Helping Bikers and meet riders nearby.

Join the Leaderboard to win gear for doing what you love. It doesn't matter what your ride. You can clear your check engine light, create customized dashboards, read diagnostic trouble codes, estimate fuel economy, and much more!

Use DashCommand's capabilities to create and display stunning virtual dashboards with many styles including digital gauges, analog gauges, indicator lights, and more! Now with support for 5 languages. English, German, Spanish, French and Russian. Get the description and the possible cause of the check engine code by searching for the code for all of the major manufacturers and now with quick access to your search history and save results to for use at a later date.

Ever wondered why your car consumes more fuel from time to time? Or how the way you drive can affect fuel economy? So many tips and tricks can help you improve gas millage fuel consumption , but you don't need to worry about them with us. This is a plugin app. It only works from inside the Torque Pro. With the most innovative and advanced features, the TripLog Android app makes mileage tracking a breeze. It also allows you to monitor trips with Android widgets.

Other features include vehicle and business expenses tracking, fuel economy calculation, and comprehensive IRS compliant reports. Driver's Log just by a wave of a hand!

MyLog is one of the easiest tools for recording trips. It was developed for car drivers who want to save time—instead of having to record all your trips manually. Wherever in the world you are, your trips are recorded and after connecting to the Internet they are evaluated. All you need is your Android smart phone or tablet with GPS. MileIQ is an automatic mileage tracker that tracks the miles you drive for business. After a drive, simply swipe right to classify a drive for business. No more manual mileage logs!

You get the reimbursement or deduction you deserve with a minimum amount of effort. Even though we have highly sophisticated datalogging system from Motec installed in our Audi R8 , we chose WiVel to make sure we have records of every outing with our car.

Automatic saving of drive data, and backup in to cloud allows us to always have a our key performance data available, even in case something goes wrong with our primary system. Without data logging it would have been like navigating without a map. Tune the engine, see the result. You can only win if you are consistent, precise and fast. For that you need a datalogger. It will help you monitor the smallest of details; best driving line, pin-point your own mistakes and how bikes parameters change after adjustments.

I have been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Owned many different cars in my life: from everyday cars to highly modified track and drag cars, from retro classics to high power saloons. That same passion for cars and technology still drives my entrepreneurial mind. Besides Wivel I am also running a mechatronics engineering and product development company and writing a Ph. D on dissertation on vehicle dynamics and energy efficiency analysis.

What comes to cars I appreciate well-engineered brands like BMW. My everyday car is BMW and also my weekend toy. My love for cars has been there since I can remember.

Driving a car gives you sense of freedom, I can go anywhere where the road takes me. Driving is the greatest stress reliever for me, no matter whether lapping a racetrack or just driving through the city at night listening to music. I am a business manager by education, but I am a petrol head at heart. I enjoy driving and riding on every level. Share our website with your buddies or support us on indegogo. Wivel name comes from 2 words Wise Velocity that is also the name of our company.

Most of our mobile phones are normally equipped with a 1Hz GPS. This means that your phone is asking for its coordinates once every second.

As someone who knew very little about the workings of the internal combustion engine among other things but wants to have a much closer relationship with the workings of the motorcycle this was a I bought this book as a gift for my husband. He recently bought his first used sports bike.

Winterization encompasses everything from your chain and tires to the forks of your bike and the battery. Jim wrote a detailed piece on our sister site Best Beginner Motorcycles a while back. It goes over everything you need to do to your motorcycle before putting it away for the season. One of the most important things you can do, though, is to stabilize your fuel. Fuel stabilizers are additives you add to your gas tank to help keep the gas from going bad while your motorcycle sits.

Motorcycle components

Yamaha C3 Mods. If you look up cross Canada on a scooter there is a guy and his girlfriend who doubled kms on one that was stock. You would simply use Arctic Cat style upper sprocket. The Zuma 50F has tough, off-road styling and the 50FX is the sporty-looking sibling. Hammond Organ World. Yamaha U1 and U3 designs pre are inferior to current models… despite the misleading and inaccurate web-articles, forum posts and piano shop spiel.

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If only all automotive maintenance projects were supposed to end in a cloud of smoke. Though somewhat hard to believe, that's the intention when "fogging" an engine before long-term storage. When an engine sits inactive over the winter, the sensitive parts inside get cold and attract whatever moisture is in the air. This can lead to corrosion on cylinder walls, pistons, rings, and valves.

A motorcycle , often called a bike , motorbike , or cycle , is a two- or three-wheeled motor vehicle.

All of the problems associated with winter storage can be ameliorated simply by driving a car as often as possible. A three-month slumber is a blip on the radar as long as you keep the battery charged, but the gas can go bad and tires can flat spot if the car sits much longer than that. So the shorter the stationary sojourn, the better. The space itself. That usually requires use of enclosed indoor storage. Not everyone is fortunate enough to own or rent a private building with 12, square feet of climate-controlled and air-filtered space. Many of us make do with what we have—or have access to.

Natural gas vehicle

By Megan Pantak. Few things beat cruising down the highway on a warm summer day. Turn that baby on and let it run for a few minutes so the treated fuel can cycle through.

Its specially developed Active Efficiency Ingredients are designed to work from the very first fill. Shell FuelSave Unleaded is the product of the expertise of Shell scientists and the extensive trials they put all of our fuels through. These show you even more ways that, in combination with buying Shell FuelSave, you can be more fuel efficient.

In addition to its core lineup of automotive catalysts 3-way catalyst, diesel catalyst , Cataler promotes worldwide environmental conservation with electrode catalysts for fuel cells, motorcycle catalysts, activated carbon products, and carbon materials for capacitors. Cataler currently develops and supplies small- and large-scale motorcycle catalysts, marine catalysts for PWC and marine vessels, as well as a full range of large-scale catalysts for gas engine cogeneration used for private power generation, heating and hot water in buildings and towns. We also provide a variety of exhaust gas purifying catalysts for internal-combustion engines used in gardening equipment including lawn mowers and chainsaws, and for leisure vehicles such as ATVs and golf carts. Reduces the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gases of scooters and motorcycles into harmless carbon dioxide, water, and nitrogen. Metal honeycomb catalyst used for PWC and other marine engine applications due to compliance with US exhaust regulations. Small metal honeycomb is effective for cleaning the exhaust gas of gardening equipment with small engines including lawn mowers, chainsaws and trimmers. Cataler's independently developed large metal catalyst supports are becoming a popular choice for gas engine power generators used in buildings and for cogeneration combining heat utilization. Catalyst technology for automobiles can be effectively utilized for a full array of internal-combustion engine applications. Metal Honeycomb Catalyst. How the Metal Honeycomb Substrate is Produced.

Jan 18, - What is the Difference Between a Scooter, Moped, and Motorcycle? tests at the Department of Motor Vehicles, so be sure to study the motorcycle than a moped or scooter and generally have some cargo storage available.

Shell FuelSave Fuels

After numerous comparisons, we recommend that you consider the Nekteck Portable mAh. It comes with a Amp peak current, a high-capacity power bank, as well as a built-in flashlight and protection circuitry. In the unfortunate case that this model is no longer available, you might want to take a look at the Bolt Power DUltimate as well. Finding the right jump starter for your specific motorcycle and needs can be quite tough, with the plethora of offers available. This product comes with a mAh capacity, it can deliver a peak power of amps, and besides being able to start motorbikes, it can also work on 3-liter diesel or 5-liter gas cars, lawn mowers, ATVs, as well as other vehicles. You get to restart your journey right away and get out of tricky situations with a unit that is compact and which can even fit into your back pocket. This product also comes with a cigarette adapter, a micro USB cable, jumper cables with clamps, a bag for safe transportation, and a few other accessories.

Motorcycle Storage: 7 Ways to Keep Winter from Trashing Your Ride

Outboard motors that once rumbled in the rivers, now have turned to silence. And where lawnmowers once razed clover, the grass is brown and covered with fallen leaves. Gravity wreaks its havoc on stored engines. Oils and lubricants drain away from cylinder walls, piston rings, and other critical engine components. As the ambient temperature and humidity fluctuate, air vapor can condensate within the engine. Corrosion begins in as little as 30 days.

Moped vs. Scooter vs. Motorcycle: Understanding the Differences

Finding a place to store small vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, and snowmobiles at home can be challenging. Fortunately, Extra Space Storage offers convenient, secure, and affordable self storage options for these types of vehicles. When it comes to vehicle storage, Extra Space Storage offers three options: indoor, outdoor, and covered.

Fuel Additives Help Save Your Engine While Your Motorcycle Is in Storage

Find Storage. Low on garage space? We've got a place to store your favorite four-, three-, or two-wheeled vehicles Free Up Your Driveway Whether you have a weekends-only classic car or a pair of dirt bikes, store your vehicle with us and reclaim your space. Give It a Home of Its Own Our first-floor storage units give your vehicle a separate, enclosed space that protects it from the sun, wind, rain and snow.

Page by the owners of Baconsdozen Imperial Tools. Don't make the mistake of using incorrect tools or making do with adjustable spanners etc on corroded fittings. The 'proper' way is to transport a new project to a workshop and remove,strip down and rebuild the engine. The first thing to do is look at the dip stick to see if the oil pan contains oil, if the stick has water droplets on it then water,has got into the sump.

Can work with all vehicles: cars, motorbikes, go-karts and anything else with an engine. Wivel is able to collects and save driving data from different motorsport types circuit racing, autocross, drifting, drag racing etc. Recorded data is saved to the internal memory and transmitted via Bluetooth to any smartphone, tablet, smart watch or computer.

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