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Storage manufactory large electric machines, electric machine aggregates, turbo and hydro generators

Storage manufactory large electric machines, electric machine aggregates, turbo and hydro generators

Previous issue Next issue. View all abstracts. The international Scientific Electric Power Conference held annually at the Institute of Energy and Transport System, Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, has created a platform for summarizing research in the technical fields of knowledge in higher educational institutions, research institutes, large industrial enterprises, research and production associations and individual scientists. The aim of the conference is to contribute to informing scientists and practitioners about the most promising areas of research and achievements in the field of electric power industry. Petersburg, Russia, on 23 rd and 24 th of May,

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Siemens and VDL shaping future tech for electrical charging

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: TES generators and motors - Production of electric machines

Previous issue Next issue. View all abstracts. The international Scientific Electric Power Conference held annually at the Institute of Energy and Transport System, Peter the Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, has created a platform for summarizing research in the technical fields of knowledge in higher educational institutions, research institutes, large industrial enterprises, research and production associations and individual scientists.

The aim of the conference is to contribute to informing scientists and practitioners about the most promising areas of research and achievements in the field of electric power industry.

Petersburg, Russia, on 23 rd and 24 th of May, This installment of the conference has focused generally on the discussion of the modern achievements of scientists, the possibilities and problems of developments implementations to improve the energy efficiency and reliability of electrical systems. More than scientists from Europe, Asia and America took part in the Conference. The key topics included in the proceedings are as follows:.

We would like to thank everyone who was part of this conference and look forward to seeing everyone again next year at ISEPC dedicated to the year anniversary of the USSR electrification plan. List of Oral Presentations, Poster Session, A guided tour of key laboratories and research centers and images are available in this pdf.

All papers published in this volume of IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering have been peer reviewed through processes administered by the proceedings Editors. Reviews were conducted by expert referees to the professional and scientific standards expected of a proceedings journal published by IOP Publishing.

The paper deals with electric power quality research, in the load buses of the electrical networks of oil processing plant "Production Association "Kirishinefteorgsintez", LLC. Measurements were carried out under conditions of operating equipment at the distribution substations of the enterprise and at the division boundary of inventory responsibility with the power-supply system at the points of power transmission from the power-supply system to the industrial consumer.

To implement normalizing the electromagnetic environment and lowering non-sinusoidality of voltage, proposed is a system of measures, that allows controlling electric power quality indicators within the limits, stipulated by regulatory documents, resulting to reducing the risk of penalties by the power-supply authority and large scale undersupply of products under conditions of continuous technological cycle.

This article considers small-size electric machines used in various fields of technology, from medical electrical equipment to complex mechatronic systems as part of spacecraft. To obtain satisfactory weight and size parameters of electric machines, it is necessary to take into account many factors that limit the possibility of reduction the machine size.

In this paper high-speed electric motors are considered, allowing one to obtain the necessary weight and dimensions for modern equipment. The creation of high-speed machines is directly related to the study of factors limiting their range of rotational speeds with the choice of electrical steel with lower specific losses and sheets of smaller thickness and modeling the magnetic field in the magnetic system of the machine.

Solar car races are characterized by a long distance and plenty of ways to save and use energy. In this paper an optimization of a power management strategy for solar cars is introduced to minimize the time needed to pass the route of the competition by implementing the hierarchical technique.

This article presents an agent-based model algorithm for voltage coordinated control using reactive capacity sources in electrical power distribution networks of railways. Voltage control in an electrical network is coordinately implemented by the managing system between all local regulators within the controlled zone.

We present an approach to coordinate the work of local regulators basing on auction-type ranking of their possibilities for achievement the global control purpose. During operational voltage control in electrical network we proposed to use linearization of the control task, since the relationship between relative power gains and loads of individual nodes in the form of sensitivity matrix Jacobi is almost linear. We performed simulation and mathematical modeling of the proposed algorithm in the distribution electrical network of railways and present the obtained results.

The article presents the results of modeling and optimization of temperature fields by the volume of the workpiece during induction heating using a numerical two-dimensional electromagnetic thermal model of the process. Time-optimal control problem of induction heating subject to constraints on maximum permissible temperature is formulated and solved. The obtained optimal control algorithms lead to an increase in the efficiency of induction heaters by reducing total heating time and absence of defects due to technological limitations.

Energy saving in any enterprise is an actual problem associated with the rising cost of energy. In this case, the cost of electricity is among the most expensive components. One of the most effective ways to save electricity is to use energy-saving technologies and modernize energy systems, including using "small" energy systems.

The task was to modernize the energy system of the Cherepovets poultry farm in order to reduce energy costs. After completing the cycle of work on a comprehensive assessment of possible options, production verification and implementation, the most effective way to reduce the cost of electricity was the method of upgrading the energy system based on "small generation" means using traditional fuels.

The modernization allowed the Cherepovets poultry farm to annually generate up to one-third of its own electricity through a mini-combined heat and power station mini-CHP and keep the cost of the kWh generated three times lower than that in the grid. It confirmed the possibility of sharing the poultry farm and grids of its 6 10 kV transmission lines and transformer substation on the territory of the farm. A technique for measuring the current-voltage characteristics IVC of a nonlinear inertia-free element from the amplitude spectrum of a current curve obtained by decomposing it into a Fourier series is given.

The initial data for the method are the curves of current and voltage on a nonlinear element, measured for different points in time. The IVC is represented as a ratio of power polynomials whose coefficients are determined by the Cholesky method. Examples of measurement of the current-voltage characteristics are given, estimates of the relative and absolute error of the approach are given. The advantage of the proposed approach in comparison with the existing ones is the better accuracy of the reproduction of the IVC.

This paper demonstrates the method of optimizing the location and size of the distributed generators with the aim of reducing active power loss by changing the state of the existing tie and sectionalizing switches on the distribution network. A new algorithm is proposed to solve the distribution network reconfiguration problem based on the Runner-root Algorithm RRA. In the first stage, the Runner-root Algorithm is applied to solve the reconfiguration problem, and the next stage of optimizing the new distribution network configuration takes into account the influence of the location and the size of the distributed generators.

The calculation results show that the proposed method can simultaneously solve the problem of optimizing the location and size of distributed generators when reconfiguring the distribution network. The results of the comparison with other studies in the same distribution network system 69 nodes showed that the proposed method is highly effective and can be used for reference in the process of optimizing the operating mode of a distribution network.

The article presents the rationale for the further development of the methods that uniquely identify consumers making a major contribution to the deterioration of the quality of electricity in power supply systems of enterprises. A new method that gives an unambiguous result is proposed. This feature is a significant difference from the known methods. The given statements are confirmed by the results of computer simulation that are presented in the article.

The method is based on the principle of changing the input resistance of the system implemented by varying the impedance of the transformer windings. An on load tap changer can be used for this purpose. The prospects for applying the method to determine the contribution of individual consumers to the changes in the quality of electric power of the enterprises supply systems in terms of percentage are shown. At enterprises, electricity metering devices are used everywhere, which incorporate various formulas for calculating power.

The division of power into active, reactive and full is valid only in the case of sinusoidal currents and voltages. In the case of non-sinusoidal waveforms of current and voltage, which are most often found in industrial networks of enterprises, it is necessary to use additional concepts and correct formulas for calculating powers in order to avoid errors.

The article compares the methods of calculating the power in the non-sinusoidal mode, which can be used to more correctly record electricity in industrial networks of enterprises. The article is about modelling the process of synchronization generators on autonomous gas-turbine power plant.

The paper presents the system of automatic speed control ASC and the synchronization algorithm for the gas turbine unit, developed in the Matlab Simulink. The proposed synchronization model makes it possible to reduce the time of input of the synchronous generator into operation.

A technique is proposed for optimization the composition of diagnostic parameters based on a combination of heuristic algorithms with the method of linear integer programming.

The solution obtained using the heuristic algorithm with relatively small consumption of computational resources is taken as an initial one for optimization or checking the optimality of the composition of parameters using the linear integer programming method. The combination of a heuristic algorithm with the method of linear integer programming saves significant computational resources when searching for the optimal solution.

The technique is aimed at minimizing costs when creating diagnostic support for monitoring performance and failure detection when considering the serviced and reconstructed electronic devices and equipment of power systems. A thermal model of a linear synchronous electric machine with permanent magnets has been developed. This model makes it possible to obtain the most accurate description of thermal processes, and to determine the maximum allowable output power, the parameters affecting heat transfer, and measures for thermal protection of a linear electric machine.

The article is devoted to problems of simulation an electromagnetic field distribution near high-voltage power equipment.

A radiating model of the power autotransformer kV is presented. This model includes sizes and relative positioning of the autotransformer's case and radiating elements, different constructions and earth existence, materials properties. The elements and constructions, located near the high-voltage equipment, such as cooling radiators, wireline passes, additions to lead-in wires, auxiliary columns, support for bus wire fastening, fire extinguisher system, concrete partitions are considered.

Models of an electrical power object which contains above-mentioned elements and constructions are developed. The models are used for calculation electromagnetic field distribution on the electrical power object. Pictures of electromagnetic field distribution on a real electrical power object are calculated and presented in the form of direction patterns. Influence of the separate elements and constructions on the form of the directional pattern of the electrical power object model is estimated both in a form and in absolute values of electric-field strength of vertical polarization.

The results achieved might be used at diagnostics of the high-voltage power equipment by electromagnetic control method. Reliable power supply is the most crucial task of every power utility company, making power transformers one of their chief assets. Thus, detection of power transformers abnormal condition is of high importance.

Most general and approved tool of condition assessment is Dissolved Gas Analysis DGA of transformer insulation liquids. The identification task in fact implies conventional pattern recognition of measured parameters and their classification. The majority of prevalent classification and recognition methods require a priori knowledge of classes and symptoms, probability distribution laws and density functions, etc. This paper describes application of two fault recognition methods — Bayesian classifier and k-nearest neighbours KNN algorithm.

Studies have shown that KNN tool allows flexibility for concentration limits adjustment with operation conditions' altering and has a high condition classifying accuracy. The advantages and disadvantages of induction heating by high-frequency currents during large-sized parts mounting and dismounting are studied. The deviations of the temperature field and the deformation field of the part from the axial symmetry with the horizontal position of the shaft are analyzed.

Recommendations were developed on how to take into account these deviations in the technology of mounting and dismounting of the retaining rings of turbogenerators. Traction networks of alternating current electrified railroads generate large electromagnetic fields with 50 Hz frequency. In points of overhead power lines OPL and electrified railroads crossing, traction network electromagnetic fields and overhead power lines interfere with each other, which can result in increase in intensities and appearance of the field complex spatial structure.

To determine intensities of electrical and magnetic fields which are created in points of crossing, a procedure for intensities summing has been developed, which is based on fields intensities calculation with Fazonord software application, the fields corresponding to traction network and overhead power line mode. The relevance of the problem of automotive alternator diagnosis is associated with the imperfection of existing methods due to their significant complexity and lack of information.

In order the accelerate the process of electrical failures diagnosis, the article considers their physical modelling method, the advantages of which are significant acceleration of the experiment, the possibility of modelling several failures, as well as the establishment of a clear boundary between the serviceable and non-serviceable states of the alternator. Adequately simulating the processes occurring in the alternator, physical modelling is implemented by means of serial or parallel connection to the alternator elements of adjustable active resistance.

Experimental data show that the most informative and sensitive to the process of failures development is the temperature increase which can serve as the basis for on-board monitoring system aimed at determining the technical condition of an automotive alternator.

A demand for the highest possible power density in electrical machinery in some applications often requires a change in conventional and well-known three-phase stator winding solution. This paper discusses high-power turbogenerators with a six-phase winding. Mutual inductance between two three-phase windings requires updating of the equations for transient processes modelling. The equivalent circuits and equations for the dq0-reference frame are summarised, sudden six-phase and three-phase winding short circuit processes of the generator under load are modelled.

This paper describes the evaluation of rotor winding self-ventilation system with the radial ducts fed from sub-slot ducts for air and hydrogen cooled turbogenerators. The verification of the computational fluid dynamic CFD calculation has been carried out with the experiment. The conjugate heat transfer CHT is performed with the finite-volume method for rated excitation current.

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Grid-integration of fluctuating solar power requires forecast information on the expected power production as a basis for management and operation strategies. With increasing importance of photovoltaic PV power for the world-wide energy production, PV power prediction services are already an essential part of grid control and energy trading. In this presentation we present an integrated combinational PV power forecast based on machine learning algorithms. The aim is to cover a wide range of forecast horizons from short term i. Also, the system shall be applicable both for single PV systems and grid controlling zones. The combinational forecasting system shall be used to optimize the grid and market integration of Renewable Energies.

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This descriptive report is presented in a manner, order and manner that allows its concise understanding and presentation. The present report describes the hydropower plant of this Patent Application, so that it can be realized following the report itself and the drawings. The history of the main state-of-the-art hydraulic turbines is described as follows:. The technical and environmental problems of state-of-the-art thermal, atomic and hydroelectric plants are highlighted as follows: a Problem of the need for large coal, oil and gas extraction, processing and transportation infrastructure for thermal plants;.

U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysis

International Council for Large Electric Systems CIGRE is a non-governmental and non-profit international organization that unites scientists and specialists in the field of electric power systems established in France in Krupenin — General Director;. Varivodov — Deputy General Director. Particular attention is drawn to the results of research set out in the Technical Brochure, developed by the working group A1.

These achievements showcase a local capacity to take full control of large mechanical and electrical refurbishments.

Motion Electric Motor Services is a trusted electrical apparatus service provider specializing in the repair, winding and overhaul of electric motors and generators. We are equipped for and specialize in repairs and rewinding of electric motors, generators and turbos , up to Our expert teams of winders, technicians and engineers possess practical industry-specific experience and broad technical knowledge coming from most OEM backgrounds to ensure high quality, competitive pricing and outstanding reliability. Preventive maintenance, predictive diagnostics , root cause of failure analysis and evaluation of the actual conditions of operation are all part of our tailored service, making your production safe and reliable. Since , Motion Electric Motor Services has built a strong reputation worldwide with prestigious clients in various fields such as utilities , steel and smelters , pulp and paper , oil and gas as well as other heavy industries who trust our experts to repair and overhaul their most critical electric motors and generators. Motion Electric manufactures and supplies formed coils to the electric motor repair markets worldwide. We produce prime quality coils and stator bars compatible with either VPI or Resin-Rich insulation systems for machines rated up to

Study of Impact of Forecasting Methods on Reliability of RES

Background of the Invention [] Hydro-electric power generation in which kinetic energy is extracted from flowing pressurized water and used to rotate a generator to produce electric power is known. In addition, use of other pressurized fluids such as gas, steam, etc, to rotate a generator is known. With large hydro-electric power generation operated with a large-scale water source such as a river or dam, thousands of megawatts of power may be generated using millions of gallons of flowing water.

Browse terms related to these fuel groups: alternative fuels coal electricity natural gas nuclear petroleum renewable. It can be wet precipitation rain, snow, or fog or dry precipitation absorbed gaseous and particulate matter, aerosol particles or dust. Acid rain has a pH below 5.

Account Options Sign in. Electrical World , Volume McGraw-Hill , - Electric engineering. Selected pages Page Page Contents Scott Roscoe Street lighting in Puebla. H Voltagewave distortion and life. Underground installation Middletown. Vienna Stadtbahn Proposed electrification. Trees Felling by electricity

Adequacy (electric): The ability of the electric system to supply the aggregate electrical . Combined pumped-storage plant: A pumped-storage hydroelectric power . building design, advanced electric motor drives, and heat recovery systems. .. engine-driven generator, turbo generator units, accessory electric equipment.

US8578708B2 - Fluid-flow control in energy storage and recovery systems - Google Patents

US Rotor system, particularly a boat propeller system. US Channel for feeding water to a vertical-axis kaplan water turbine. CNA Kinetic-energy compensation method. US Method and system for current generation. DEA1 Floating structure for wave protection and wave-energy conversion. EPA1 Ocean wave energy conversion using piezoelectric material members. CNA Ship-sinked type of electricity-generating ship. US Hydroelectric power installation and turbine generator apparatus therefor. CAA1 Pneumatic hydro-electric power conversion system.

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Account Options Anmelden. E-Book — kostenlos. Electrical World , Band Seite Inhalt Scott Roscoe Street lighting in Puebla. H Voltagewave distortion and life. Underground installation Middletown. Vienna Stadtbahn Proposed electrification. Trees Felling by electricity

WO2009058664A2 - Miniature hydro-power generation system - Google Patents

This application claims the benefit of and priority to U. Provisional Patent Application No. The government has certain rights in the invention. Storing energy in the form of compressed gas has a long history and components tend to be well tested and reliable, and have long lifetimes.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is the premier public resource on scientific and technological developments that impact global security. Founded by Manhattan Project Scientists, the Bulletin's iconic "Doomsday Clock" stimulates solutions for a safer world. Twenty-five years later.

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