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Units plant aggregates, components and parts of electric vehicles, spare parts

Aftermarket part Goods not for use as original equipment in the production of light-duty vehicles or heavy-duty vehicles, ie. Agent or broker An intermediary with legal authority to operate on behalf of the manufacturer. American Automobile Labelling Act AALA Regulations requiring vehicle manufacturers to include content information on vehicle labels for cars and trucks for sale in the U. Anti-lock braking system ABS System that automatically controls wheel slip or prevents sustained wheel-locking on braking. Auto Pact base year With respect to the Auto Pact, the 12 month period beginning on August 1, , and ending on July 31,

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Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Heating Up In India

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: Electric Vehicle Parts and Components from CY, China -- #EVBasics

Aftermarket part Goods not for use as original equipment in the production of light-duty vehicles or heavy-duty vehicles, ie. Agent or broker An intermediary with legal authority to operate on behalf of the manufacturer. American Automobile Labelling Act AALA Regulations requiring vehicle manufacturers to include content information on vehicle labels for cars and trucks for sale in the U. Anti-lock braking system ABS System that automatically controls wheel slip or prevents sustained wheel-locking on braking.

Auto Pact base year With respect to the Auto Pact, the 12 month period beginning on August 1, , and ending on July 31, Auto Pact Canadian value added The aggregate of the costs of parts, material, labour costs, and transportation costs that are reasonably attributed to the production of vehicles or parts by manufacturers producing vehicles in Canada.

Automated Guided Vehicle System AGVS Vehicles equipped with automatic guidance equipment which follow a prescribed path, stopping at each machining or assembly station for manual loading and unloading of parts.

Autodealership or auto dealer A retail outlet that carries one or in some cases in the U. The outlet will also provide service and sell parts for the brand of vehicle that it carries. In some instances, a dealer may dual for another manufacturer's product line. Automobile Four-wheeled passenger motor vehicle having a seating capacity for not more than 10 people including police cars and racing cars but not including ambulances or hearses. Auto parts store Jobber and retail auto parts stores which primarily sell automotive products and conduct business at the retail level.

Average weekly earnings Gross taxable payrolls divided by the number of employees. Body shop Service outlet specializing in vehicle body repair work. Bus Passenger motor vehicle or chassis having a seating capacity for more than 10 people. Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council CARS A not-for-profit organization established to serve the human resource and training needs of the Canadian car and truck repair and service industry. Canadian cross border shopping Cross border shopping describes the purchasing by Canadian consumers of products in the United States.

Of particular interest is the decision by these buyers to obtain their products in the U. Capacity Maximum production attainable under conditions. With regard to conditions, the company's operating practices are to be followed with respect to the use of production facilities, overtime, work shifts, holidays, etc.

Capital Expenditures Expenditures to acquire or add to capital assets that will yield benefits over several accounting periods. Included are cost of procuring, construction, installing new durable plants, machinery and equipment where for replacement, addition or for lease or rent to other companies including subsidies. Captive Import An imported motor vehicle or part manufactured by another automaker usually for sale under the brand name of the importer.

Casting A process technology that delivers a liquid molten metal into a purpose-built mould. After cooling, the solid metal surface has the shape of the mould cavity.

Census value added Residual representing the difference between the value of goods and industrial services produced and the direct material costs associated with the production of goods.

Changeover The refitting of equipment to either neutralize the effects of the just completed production or to prepare equipment for production of the next scheduled item, or both. Climate Change The international concern that increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases GHGs in the atmosphere are changing the climate in ways detrimental to our social and economic well-being.

Component A raw material, ingredient, part or subassembly that goes into a higher level assembly, compound, or other item. Component assembly A combination of two or more parts or sub-components to form an assembly. Component Design The activity for the design of specific components including responsibility for material, cost, weight, reliability, durability, function, appearance, serviceability.

Concept Vehicle A current production vehicle modified for installation of new design concepts for evaluation of environmental functional feasibility. Consumer factors Demographic characteristics of consumers including age, gender, income and geographic location, affordability.

Cost of production Actual cost to the manufacturer of producing a vehicle does not include mark-up. Customs duties Customs duties levied on imported goods under the Customs Tariff. Days' Supply Number of days needed to sell all vehicles in inventory, based on the previous month's sales rate. Dealer A firm that buys and sells, adding some value for the consumer in the process.

Dealer often means a firm which operates closer in the distribution channel to the consumer than a distributor or wholesaler, and may add more value for consumers than either of the above-mentioned terms.

Dealer principal The individual or corporation that owns and controls one or a number of auto dealerships. Die Solid or hollow form used for shaping materials by stamping, pressing, extruding, drawing or threading.

Diffusion The way in which innovations spread through market or non-market channels. Distributor Synonymous with wholesalers; distributors perform many of the same functions as wholesalers, such as selling, physical distribution, credit, etc. Some industries use the term distributor instead of wholesaler. Distribution channel Is the path goods take as their title transfers from producer to consumer. The title transfer for consumer goods is usually accompanied by transfer of the physical goods, as well.

Door rates The hourly rates charged by dealers on standardized units of service work. Hourly rates may or may not correspond to an actual hour of work. Duty drawback Import duties or taxes repaid by a government in whole or in part, when the imported goods are re-exported or used in the manufacture of exported goods. Duty paid value In respect to imported goods, is the aggregate value for duty on imported goods. Duty waiver Forgiveness, in whole or in part, of import duties when certain conditions are met.

Electric Vehicle Cars, buses, vans or trucks which use dedicated or hybrid electric systems as their power source. Average number of workers employed by an establishment during the year. Production workers relate to the average number actually engaged in the manufacturing process. Administrative and non-manufacturing includes employees at head offices and sales offices.

Employee Benefits The provision of direct salary, bonuses, etc. Establishment Smallest operating entity producing a homogenous set of goods and services and is capable of reporting full range of production account variables to calculate "value-added". The Heads of State of the 34 democracies in the region agreed to construct a "Free Trade Area of the Americas" and to complete negotiations for the agreement by Canadian, U. Firm A business or institution comprising sole proprietorships, partnerships, companies and other forms of organizations.

Fixed or One Price Selling published fixed price displayed on a new vehicle eliminating need for negotiation. Fixture Device for holding goods in process while working tools are in operation that does not contain any special arrangements for guiding the working tools. Fleet sales The purchase of vehicles by a business that meet a minimum requirement of units sold.

Forecast Prediction of future production or sales in the automotive industry. Forging A process that transforms solid metal into shapes of varying cross-sectional material thickness, often involving heating. Franchise Establishment that has the right to exercise the powers of a corporation. G7 Group of Seven Seven industrial countries consisting of the United States, Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada, whose leaders have met at annual economic summits since to coordinate economic policies.

Generalized Preferential Tariff GPT System of non-reciprocal tariff preferences for the benefit of developing countries. It grants duty-free or preferential entry to imports for eligible developing countries up to a certain dollar value or import percentage limit. Greenhouse gases GHGs Group of gases which individually act to trap solar energy near the earth.

Grey market The grey market describes the purchase by intermediaries of product which is not supplied to them by the "authorized" distribution channel of the supplier. Thus, a warehouse club in Canada that sells a stereo bought in the U.

While grey market products are frequently the same as would be available from conventional channels in Canada, the grey market assumes responsibility for service or repair where the manufacturer declines this support. Heavy-duty truck Vehicle weighing from 26, to 33, lbs. Also included off-highway trucks. Ignition System Electrical system devised to produce timed sparks from engine spark plugs. Consisting of a battery, induction coil, capacitor, distributor, spark plugs and relevant switches and wiring.

Importer An organization that typically operates at arms length or under contractual agreement with manufacturers to bring products made in another country into Canada.

Import Nameplate Vehicles sold by manufacturers primarily located outside North America whether assembled Overseas or in North America. Independent Repair Shop Small service outlet offering specialized repair services. They usually do not sell gasoline. Intellectual Property Rights IPR The right to possess or control the use of intellectual property, such as trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.

Interchannel competition Rivalry between different channels of the distribution system. For example, independent retailers competing with manufacturers' outlets. Intermediary Firm or organization that operates between the producer of the goods and the end purchaser.

Thus, the members of the distribution channel noted above are intermediaries or "middlemen". Intrachannel competition Rivalry between channel participants at the same level in the distribution channel. For example, department stores competing with one another.

Inventories Book value of inventory owned and held in Canada. Jigs Device used in the accurate machining of good in process by holding the goods firmly and guiding tools exactly to position. Joint Venture An international business collaboration between foreign interests and private parties from a host country in which two or more parties establish a new business enterprise to which each contributes and where ownership and control are shared.

It is part of a business philosophy based on achieving excellence in a manufacturing company through the continuous elimination of waste. Kaizen Activities Activity through which continuous improvement is sought.

Kyoto Protocol International agreement among industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions negotiated in Kyoto, Japan in December Canada committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 6 percent of levels between and Lease Form of contract transferring the use of a vehicle in consideration of payment.

Light truck Vehicle weighing less than 14, lbs. Light vehicles Passenger cars and light trucks. Loss Leaders Products whose prices are cut with the idea that they will attract customers to the store. Make Brand name of a car or truck ie.

Published on July 28th, by Anand Upadhyay. July 28th, by Anand Upadhyay.

This paper presents a 0—1 programming model aimed at obtaining the optimal inventory policy and transportation mode for maintenance spare parts of high-speed trains. In addition, we analyse the shortage time using PERT, and then calculate the unit time shortage cost from the viewpoint of train operation revenue. Finally, a real-world case study from Shanghai Depot is conducted to demonstrate our method. Computational results offer an effective and efficient decision support for inventory managers. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Global EV Outlook 2019

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Electrifying cars: How three industries will evolve

Proposed Rules. License fees and denials of appli. Southwest Regional Advisory. Closing dates for applications. Rules and Regulations. Decisions on applications for duty. Teacher Corps criteria for fund.

Electric vehicles exempted from odd-even scheme. Hyundai initiates feasibility study for fuel cell electric vehicles in India.

According to Mahesh Babu, chief executive, MEM, the company is in talks with some of its global partners. Since the industry is in a very nascent stage, Mahindra will supply these parts to other manufacturers as well. We are now gearing up to supply electric powertrains to SsangYong Motor Co. The supply will start by early ," added Babu. At present, Mahindra Electric is the only automobile manufacturing company to offer electric three- and four-wheeler products to fleet aggregators. The centre also wants companies to gradually develop manufacturing capacities for electric vehicles to avail the subsidies under the Fame-II scheme. We want to promote electric two- and three-wheelers and the cities state transport units should also make use of the subsidies to use electric buses and clean the environment," said Amitabh Kant, chief executive, NITI Aayog, on the sidelines of a press briefing by MEM and Blu Smart Mobility. Mahindra has already announced its collaboration with South Korean lithium-ion battery manufacturer LG Chem Ltd, which will help the company make the batteries locally. You are now subscribed to our newsletters.

M&M arm looks to sell EV parts to global firms

The purpose of this review article is to investigate the usefulness of different types of life cycle assessment LCA studies of electrified vehicles to provide robust and relevant stakeholder information. It presents synthesized conclusions based on 79 papers. The hypothesis was that such divergence could be explained by differences in goal and scope definitions of the reviewed LCA studies. The review has set special attention to the goal and scope formulation of all included studies.

An electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors , using energy stored in rechargeable batteries. The first practical electric cars were produced in the s.

Industry statistics. General summary and major groups 20 to Major groups 29 to United States. Bureau of the Census. Curtains and draperies. Imputation of Data. Code Page 3 Gypsum products.

Jun 4, - M&M arm looks to sell EV parts to global firms a hub for manufacturing electric vehicles, Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd (MEM), a unit of to promote domestic manufacturing of electric vehicles and related components under the “Mahindra is investing in aggregates like electric motor, battery pack, motor.

Top automakers cheer govt push for EV localization drive

Report Trade and Globalization. Download PDF. Press release. China is currently the largest car market in the world. It is also one of the largest auto-parts producers and exporters in the world, with exports, primarily to the United States, constituting about a third of its production.

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I agree to receive communication from LTI. Refer LTI privacy policy to know more about how we maintain privacy about your data. By: Sanket Das , Sr. All of this has been largely disintermediated in the fully electric car era. All that is there, is an electric motor powered by a large rechargeable battery, and a drive train to transfer the power to the wheels. With major OEMs declaring to have fully electric fleets by the end of the decade, this will create a large shift in the types of suppliers that will need to be on-boarded. Traditionally, supply chain visibility has been ERP-led, with a massive synchronization effort to consolidate data at different touchpoints of the value chain. This creates a lot of redundancy, and sometimes, the latency makes the data quality questionable. This makes a strong case for the use of blockchain technology in the automotive supply chain. As parts get more standardized in the electrical car era, the supply chain will eventually be more global rather than local in nature.

The intent to localize key parts and aggregates in a reasonable time frame will benefit all stakeholders While there is a broad agreement, certain deadlines by which manufacturers have to localize specific items may not be feasible to all. Mint had on 7 May reported that the latest draft guidelines on FAME list components such as control units, chargers, and AC units that need to be built locally, with specific deadlines, for manufacturers to qualify for subsidies under a government scheme launched to encourage the adoption of such vehicles. While there is a broad agreement, certain deadlines by which manufacturers have to localize specific items may not be feasible to all. The Chennai-based company said that as part of cost rationalization, aftermarket spare support, and inventory control, it has been engaged with its EV suppliers for the past one year.

The Indian auto-components industry has experienced healthy growth over the last few years. The auto-component industry of India has expanded by

Tillage machinery Energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for agriculture industry. Transportation of agricultural products for modern energy-efficient agriculture industry.

The Global EV Outlook is an annual publication that identifies and discusses recent developments in electric mobility across the globe. Combining historical analysis with projections to , the report examines key areas of interest such as electric vehicle and charging infrastructure deployment, ownership cost, energy use, carbon dioxide emissions and battery material demand.

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